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With the approval ratings of Pretzeldunce Chimpy W. McFlightsuit (29%) dropping into the late-malaise/hostage-drama Jimmy Carter range (28% July ’79) and bound for I-am-not-a-crook Richard Nixon levels (24% at resignation), the chorus of Americans calling for impeachment is beginning to resonate.

The picture above I copped from a blog called I.T.M.F.A. (Impeach the Motherf*cker Already!), which is selling ITMFA stickers and buttons and t-shirts. Some people are even getting it as a vanity license plate!

Of course, the Repug spin machine is trying a pre-emptive strike on the notion of impeachment by saying things like “the country doesn’t want to get into an impeachment proceeding,” trying to neuter the idea of impeachment by making it seem like the country would come apart during this critical time of war if we dared to, you know, follow the constitution and actually address high crimes and misdemeanors by the executive.

The Dems are taking the bait, too. When asked about the possibility of impeachment, should they retake the House or Senate or both, they’ll whimper about “investigations”, but stress how that doesn’t necessarily mean impeachment.

The Rude Pundit, as he often does, hits the bullseye on what the Dems should do, but will likely not do, because, well, they’re Dems:

Democrats need to embrace the politics of impeachment and make it a centerpiece of their national Congressional campaign. It’s so simple: “If you don’t want George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to be our leaders anymore, vote for Democrats.”

Goddamn, isn’t that breathtakingly direct? It makes Republicans have to either run scared or respond with something along the lines of “I don’t want them impeached because I believe in the jobs that Bush and Cheney are doing,” which, you know, almost two-thirds of the nation doesn’t believe. Hell, at this point, more people disapprove of Bush and his administration than oppose gay marriage.

The Rude One even offers up the rhetorical device any Dem House or Senate candidate should be employing every time there is a microphone in their face:

For Democratic Congressional candidates, it’s simple enough. (And if they’re not doing the following already, they are missing out on a golden opportunity.) Choose any random Democrat running against a Republican. Let’s say Lois Murphy, running against incumbent Republican Jim Gerlach in Pennsylvania’s Sixth Districh. …[I]n every ad that Murphy runs, every appearance that Murphy makes, she should make sure to mention how much Gerlach is beholden to Bush and Cheney. Hell, she should makes sure that she always says, “Jim Gerlach and George Bush believe…” And fill in the blank. That’s the weight, man. Hell, with Gerlach and other House members, there’s the added weight of Tom DeLay: “What Jim Gerlach, George Bush, and Tom DeLay did…” And who the f*ck’s gonna vote for him? Someone who actually still supports Bush and DeLay? That’s gettin’ to be precious, precious few people, and we’d call them “bugf*ck insane.”

Indeed. However, if past is prologue, then despite the logic and power of the burgeoning impeachment meme among the American electorate, I anticipate two sure things between now and November:

1) Democrats will run away from the impeachment meme because they’ll still buy Karl Rove’s bluff. They’ll fear that impeachment talk makes them appear too “mean spirited”. They’ll fear (wrongly) that no one wants to revisit the impeachment debacle that was The Great Clinton Blowjob Investigation, even though I believe people would welcome an impeachment for legitimate reasons to soothe the retroactive guilt we feel for being fooled into allowing an impeachment for sordid personal political reasons. And the people, just itching to punish the Pretzeldunce for his lies, crimes, and bloodlust, will again see the Dems for the invertebrates they are and either stay home or vote Repug.

2) We’ll be hip-deep in the invasion and bombing of Iran, which will go badly, perhaps even to the point of some of our Fifth Fleet being sunk in the Straits of Hormuz and the use of nukes by us in retaliation. Gas tops $8/gallon as we slip into the Dominionist’s wet dream of the End Times Apocalypse and the people cling to our leadership out of fear (or, if not, martial law and suspension of elections). Impeachment will be a secondary concern to gathering your family and some food and water and getting the hell out of your city before it’s dirty-bombed in retaliation. (Never before have I wished to be more wrong in a prediction.)

Six months to go until the election. What do you think?

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