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I enjoy reading the Durham-based Institute for Southern StudiesFacing South e-newsletter, a biweekly roundup of progressive Southern news and politics. It features the always-enlightening Institute Index, which compares and contrasts some interesting figures this go-round…

* Years since the minimum wage ($5.15 an hour) was last increased: 9

* Amount that Congress has raised member salaries since that time: $28,000

* Amount that minimum wage would be now if it had kept pace with inflation since 1968: $8.80/hour

* Income of Lee Raymond, CEO of ExxonMobile, in 2005: $33,538 an hour

* Number of parents with children that would benefit from an increase to $7.25 an hour: 1.8 million

* Percent of U.S. public that supports increasing the minimum wage to $7.15 an hour: 83%

* Percent of Republicans that support such an increase: 72%

* Number of Southern states that have or will likely increase their minimum wage this year: 3

You can read more great daily coverage of news, politics and activism affecting region over at the Institute’s blog, also called Facing South.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding