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Army recruiter: 'Send me those patriotic gays'

Oops. Remember when all those gay foreign language translators were discharged from the Army under DADT? Twenty Arabic and six Farsi specialists were booted between 1998 and 2004.

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network passed on some interesting emails received recently that show some of the knobends doing the recruiting don’t have a flipping idea that gays are banned from serving. Can you believe it? Read and weep with laughter…

From: Chris J
To: sldn
Subject: RE:

Hello SLDN,

I recently saw a pop up ad on the internet from the US Army, advertising for arabic translators.

I responded to the ad, (see very bottom of this email) with a “activist” comment, because I read that the military was firing gays, because of their homosexuality. I also read the military was firing arab speaking gays, at a time when we need these individuals! Anyway, some bozo from the military has actually replied, with a rather unprofessional email. (see below) I thought you’d like to see what he wrote. Perhaps you can educate him, or am I wrong about my facts?

Detroit, MI


Here’s what Chris posted from the GoArmy site:

From: chrisDTW (email address partially redacted)
Sent: Sunday, May 07, 2006 10:47 PM
To: GoArmy
Mailer: 109L

You need arabic translators? I know MANY patriotic US citizens who are willing to serve the US military, to serve as translators. The problem is, that you keep DISCHARGING them because they are gay..! Get a grip and become a “modern” army like so many of our allies, and hire gays!!


And here’s the response from the Army’s “Arabic – Cyber Recruiter” — he’s ready to sign up the homos! Boy, didn’t he receive the DADT memo? (contact info redacted)

What is your problem; you just heard crap about that. We didn’t discharge anybody; it is all negative propaganda against army and also portraying Arabs as gay. Send those patriotic gay friend of yours to me I will be more than happy to put them in the Army.

Zuber Ali Arif
Cyber Arabic Linguistic Specialist

Well, that’s INTERESTING, huh? Mike Rogers over at PageOneQ asked the Army for a comment on this bit of business and this was the response:

“The recruiter does not speak for the United States Army,” Major Nathan Banks, an Army Spokesman said today in a conversation with PageOneQ. The emails from the recruiter were sent from his US military email account.

Well, if he’s recruiting and responding from an military email account to an inquiry posted on the Army web site, it would suggest an official communication, you dunderhead. Steve Ralls of SLDN added this comment:

Bleu Copas, a trained linguist who was discharged from the Army because of his sexual orientation will be singing the national anthem at the SLDN’s national dinner. “Bleu’s story, and the stories of other Arabic speakers dismissed because of the military’s ban, is not ‘propaganda,’ as Mr. Ali Arif suggest,” Mr. Ralls said, “They are the stark, unfortunate truth of how our nation’s armed forces treat gay Americans.”


Just a reminder that I’ll be live-blogging from the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network’s 14th Annual National Dinner at the Renaissance Washington Hotel tomorrow night.

In the spotlight at the dinner are Claudia J. Kennedy, USA (Ret.), the highest ranking female officer in Army history, former Marine Corps Sergeant and Iraq veteran Brian Robert Fricke. The event honors Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), with the Randy Shilts Visibility Award.

The event will also feature a live performance by BETTY (of The L Word theme fame). The group will be honored for “their longtime commitment to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.”

You can read about what I’ll be doing at the SLDN web site and at its blog, The Frontlines.

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