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Why do Freepers have a hard-on for John Edwards' hair?

Just asking. I know my former senator and 2004 VP candidate’s a nice-looking guy, but to read the comments over at The Swamp, it really looks like John Edwards stirs up some serious man-loving feelings and hair envy in these knuckle draggers. It’s unhealthy, I tell you.

This particular post is titled Edwards defends choice to mention Cheney’s gay daughter in debate, about MC’s appearance on Larry King where she slammed Edwards for his comments during a 2004 debate (he stands by what he said).

She said she mouthed an expletive after Edwards praised the Cheney family during the October 2004 debate for their willingness “to talk about the fact that they have a gay daughter.”

Edwards said Wednesday that he stood by the comments.

“What I did was express my respect and admiration for the way the Cheney family, along with millions of other families, have embraced members of their family, and if I remember the vice president was very gracious in reacting to that,” Edwards said. “I think it was appropriate.”

And then came the flow of Breck Girl comments…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

What a turd. Only a supreme coward would bring up sensative family issues of his political opponent in a forum where the opponent couldn’t drag his ass outside and beat the breck out of him for insulting his dignity.

Looks like the “uber-tolerant” uber-liberal Breck Girl still doesnt have the decency to say: “I’m sorry.” No surprise there.

Cheney called Edwards a “total slime” and argued that he tried to use her sexual orientation as a political tool against her father.

Bless her heart!

One of the first things mama taught me was, “Never trust an ambulance chaser. They are liars.”

I know three people whose vote swung our way because of Edwards tasteless stunt in the Vice Presidential debate. Thank you Johnny.

The Breck Girl is so 2004. He didn’t defend her then, and he isn’t defending her now. His comment then was basically used to paint the VP into a corner, only Cheney handed Breck Girl’s posterior to Breck Girl on a silver platter by answering the question directly and civilly. What business is it anyway of Breck Girl to meddle in the affairs of someone else’s family?

Edwards is a metrosexual lightweight. It always interests me that the self named “party of tolerance” is actually more racist and homophobic than any other group I can think of.

A computer (a device that doesn’t even recognize emotions) thought he was too feminine.

Only a supreme coward would bring up sensative family issues of his political opponent in a forum where the opponent couldn’t drag his ass outside and beat the breck out of him for insulting his dignity. And after HE had instructed the press that he was NOT to be questioned about his son’s death! If I ever see that little creep, I’m going to have some words with him.

I think Kerry and Edwards lost a lot of votes when they did this. Remember, Kerry did the same thing. They are both slimebags.

Pretty boy can explain it anyway he likes, but the bulk of Americans from all “sides” saw that cheap shot for exactly what it was.

There was a story a few weeks ago of this computer that determined through text only (speeches and debates from 2004) that Breck Girl and sKerry were too feminine, and that sKerry seemed depressed to the point of suicide. Bush on the other hand seemed smart, intelligent, manly and presidential, and Cheney as well was concluded by a mere piece of software to be exuding presidential and manly qualities. It was in the WaPo several weeks ago.

I wonder how Edward’s family felt when they found out that he was gay.

I happen to have a live-and-let-live attitude about gays, but Kerry and Edwards’ little “innocent remark” was such a BLATANT play to stir up anti-gay feeling that I often wonder, what do gays think of a candidate who would do that just to get votes?

Of course, black Americans have had to deal with this kind of things from the Democrats forever…as Mrs. Clinton would say, an’ you KNOW what ahm talkin’ about.

Catch Michael Jensen’s comments over at The Big Gay Picture.

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