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Lambert made this catch over at Corrente this morning — why is George Bush standing in front of a photo that shows all the internet "choke points" that a program reading all our emails would tap into?  Says Lambert:

Remember the Times story on “secret rooms” at the telcos that only the NSA could enter? Those secret rooms are (probably) these choke points. 

I don’t know if this is true and I doubt if many people do (although I am of the Digby school which says that the whole effort is using the "war on terror" as a front, unless you consider liberals to be terrorists — which the Bush Administration quite openly admits.)   What I’m quite certain of, however, is that there is no reason why any and all Democrats in congress are not signing on to John Conyers’ amicus briefs in the ACLU vs. NSA and CCR vs. Bush cases.  

Now we know someone has to follow Tim Russert around to mop up the piddle every time someone mentions the name John Conyers.  And Steny Hoyer is no doubt down at the White House asking Dubya how he would like him to respond.  But considering that this is no longer the province of bloggers, but has made its way to the front page of USA Today, it seems appropriate that the rest of them should take a stand.

Seventy-two Representatives have signed on.  Is yours one of them? You can call toll free to the US Capitol and find out at 888-355-3588. [Update:  You can also ask them where they stand on the new Conyers/Harman "Lawful Intelligence and Surveillance of Terrorists in an Emergency by NSA Act, or The LISTEN ACT, while you’re at it.]

My Congresswoman, Darlene Hooley, isn’t — according to the folks at Loaded Orygun.  I called this morning, spoke with an aid named Adam Daniel, sent him a link to the story and said I’d like to hear back from them.  

I think all our representatives could do with a little public noise on this front today.  I mentioned the USA Today article and Hooley’s office, though nice, really didn’t seem to have much idea of what I was talking about.

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