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Ford drop-kicks the anti-gay shareholder proposal

95% of shareholders voted against it. Fundies, you lose big time on the PR front.

An attempt by a Ford shareholder to force the automaker to drop protections for LGBT workers from its human resources regulations was swiftly defeated on Thursday.

Shareholders at the company’s annual meeting in Dearborn voted 95 percent to reject the proposal.

The motion had been submitted by shareholder Robert Hurley of Alton, Ill. Ford attempted to keep the issue off the agenda for today’s meeting but Alton went to the Securities and Exchange Commission which ordered Ford to put it to a vote

The motion called for Ford to change its policy to exclude any reference to sexual interests, activities or orientation. Ford argued to the SEC that the proposal would hurt the company’s ability to recruit and could hurt sales to gays and lesbians. The SEC rejected the argument.

Ford then issued a recommendation to shareholders to vote against the measure.

I trekked over to the dark side, Agape Press. Take a look at the reaction of a shareholder who favored the bigoted proposal.

Ford shareholder Tom Strobhar, who is a pro-family activist from Ohio, publicly read the proposed resolution and spoke in its favor. He outlined several reasons why he felt his fellow shareholders should pass the resolution.

“Ford is paying domestic partner benefits while cutting retirement benefits. Our company is closing plants while building gay and lesbian centers,” he stated. In addition, he said, the company gives shareholder money — which Strobhar described as “the fruit of all our employees’ labor” — to the largest homosexual organizations in the country. “These organizations use it to aggressively promote same-sex marriage. In addition, we advertise in publications whose primary focus is gay sex.”

OK, now on to the hilarious pyrrhic victory quote of the day, from Don Wildmon:

Dr. Don Wildmon, founder and chairman of the American Family Association (AFA), says he is extremely pleased with the Ford shareholder vote. “The mere fact that five percent voted for this proposal came as a shock. I think it sends a loud message,” says the AFA leader. “And we’re very grateful that we got that five percent and that this issue can come back up again next year. We have a lot of time to work on it.”

What a bigoted buffoon.

H/t, Kevin

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