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Conservatives are now fleeing the sinking ship

Bush, GOP Congress Losing Core Supporters. The WaPo article by Jim VandeHei and Peter Baker outlines the post-iceberg Titanic that is Dear Leader’s administration.

The Gallup polling organization recorded a 13-percentage-point drop in Republican support for Bush in the past couple of weeks. These usually reliable voters are telling pollsters and lawmakers they are fed up with what they see as out-of-control spending by Washington and, more generally, an abandonment of core conservative principles.

There are also significant pockets of conservatives turning on Bush and Congress over their failure to tighten immigration laws, restrict same-sex marriage, and put an end to the Iraq war and the rash of political scandals, according to lawmakers and pollsters.

Bush won two presidential elections by pursuing a political and governing model that was predicated on winning and sustaining the loyal backing of social, economic and foreign policy conservatives. The strategy was based on the belief that conservatives, who are often more politically active than the general public, could be inspired to vote in larger numbers and would serve as a reliable foundation for his presidency. The theory, as explained by Bush strategists, is that the president would enjoy a floor below which his support would never fall.

It is now apparent that this floor has weakened dramatically — and collapsed in places.

There are several damning quotes in the article from conservatives who have had it with this administration, and it’s causing a steep erosion in the polls and in fundraising, which is alarming the GOP. While the pro-business faction has benefited mightily from this administration’s policies, the limited government conservatives have been royally screwed over.

One should note the last paragraph in the article outlines what we all know is coming — the gay boogeyman and the wanton woman aborting her fetus, and the fricking deficit-bloating tax cuts. Again, the pro-business, limited government wing of the party wants to rescue itself by getting in bed with the theocratic Base.

Karl Rove, Bush’s top political adviser, and GOP leaders are well aware of the problem and are planning a summer offensive to win back conservatives with a mix of policy fights and warnings of how a Democratic Congress would govern. The plan includes votes on tax cuts, a constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage, new abortion restrictions, and measures to restrain government spending.

As far as governing is concerned, it’s pretty obvious Democrats can do no worse than the corrupt clowns currently running the show on the Hill and the voters know it.

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