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Roger Simon, themanwhocreatedmoseswine, had dinner with Daughter O’Dick last night, as well as Tammy Bruce (lesbians a’poppin’!) and says that Mary is a very nice person. I have no doubt that she is. But what really gets Roger’s fedora in a bunch is some of those meanies who submit reviews to Amazon that criticize Mary for being a prop for her dad’s campaign when, if he wasn’t related to her, he’d probably ignore her if not shoot her in the face. Roger writes:

In all, I would have to say that Mary Cheney had what some of the Amazon “reviewers” of her book do not – common decency. Many of the reviews are excellent, but it is those ad hominem attacks that are really the subject of this post.

And, by way of example, he uses this one:

I saw Larry King, and after that diatribe, I will not read the book.

The five-star raters are a bunch of SCHMUCKS

Frankly, after Roger’s build-up, I expected so much more. Then again, Roger chose to not address this one:

It’s amazing how much Mary Cheney reminds us of George W. Bush. A child of privilege who never succeeded on her own is suddenly embraced by Republicans, and becomes a role model. This book is proof positive that the only affirmative action supported by conservatives is the step-up provided by wealthy parents. With the winds of entitlement at her back, Mary Cheney stepped out of the closet, stepped back in, and now steps back out — earning more money by cronyism and nepotism at every turn — at Coors, on daddy’s campaign, and now with a sweet publishing deal. What about marriage rights? We now learn she supports them, at a time when expressing her viewpoint does little good — except for Mary Cheney of course.

Where, oh where, will the profits for this book go, Mary? AIDS or breast cancer research? Political initiatives to support the gay rights causes you now claim to support? Money for a house in Maryland on the bay, next to daddy’s (I advise avoiding Provincetown)? For your sellout, you have earned the contempt of those whom you might have helped, who needed your help and did not get it when it mattered, people might have been your friends. I hope the money is cold comfort, Mary Cheney. And I hope your illegitimate life partner is proud of you.

I think that Mary is hedging her financial bets just in case Lynne cuts her out of the will.

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