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NC homobigot submits another marriage amendment bill

North Carolina is the only state in the Southeast that faced a marriage amendment and killed it in the legislature — two years running, thanks to a Dem-controlled General Assembly and a lot of hard work by allies and advocates. The bills died in committee.

As expected, another battle is ahead. Good old boy NC State Sen. James Forrester didn’t waste any time submitting another marriage amendment bill today in our General Assembly. This time it’s Senate Bill 1228, Defense of Marriage.

Marriage is the union of one man and one woman at one time. This is the only marriage that shall be recognized as valid in this State. The uniting of two persons of the same sex or the uniting of more than two persons of any sex in a marriage, civil union, domestic partnership, or other similar relationship within or outside of this State shall not be valid or recognized in this State. This Constitution shall not be construed to require that marital status or the rights, privileges, benefits, or other legal incidents of marriage be conferred upon unmarried individuals or groups.”

This, as you can see, would affect both same-sex couples and unmarried opposite-sex couples.

Senator James Forrester (Rep)
(919) 715-3050
District: 41
Counties Represented: Gaston, Iredell, Lincoln

Eighteen Republican senators signed onto the bill as co-sponsors.

Senator Austin M. Allran (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-5876, Email:
Counties Represented: Catawba, Iredell.
Senator Tom Apodaca (Rep), Deputy Republican Leader, Phone: (919) 733-5745, Email:
Counties Represented: Buncombe, Henderson, Polk

Senator Stan Bingham (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-5665, Email:
Counties Represented: Davidson, Guilford
Senator Harris Blake (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-4809, Email:
Counties Represented: Harnett, Moore
Senator Andrew C. Brock (Rep); Phone: (919) 715-0690, Email:
Counties Represented: Davie, Rowan

Senator Harry Brown (Rep), Phone: (919) 715-3034, Email:
Counties Represented: Jones, Onslow
Senator Don East (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-5743, Email:
Counties Represented: Alleghany, Stokes, Surry, Yadkin
Senator John A. Garwood (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-5742, Email:
Counties Represented: Alexander, Ashe, Watauga, Wilkes

Senator W. Edward (Eddie) Goodall (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-7659, Email:
Counties Represented: Mecklenburg, Union
Senator Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr. (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-7223, Email:
Counties Represented: Cabarrus, Iredell
Senator William B. Miller (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-7850, Email:
County Represented: Forsyth

Senator Neal Hunt (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-5850, Email:
Counties Represented: Wake
Senator Jim Jacumin (Rep), Phone: (919) 715-7823, Email:
Counties Represented: Burke, Caldwell
Senator Robert Pittenger (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-5655, Email:
Counties Represented: Mecklenburg

Senator Keith Presnell (Rep), phone: (919) 733-3460, Email:
Counties Represented: Avery, Haywood, Madison, McDowell, Mitchell, Yancey
Senator Fred Smith (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-5748, Email:
Counties Represented: Johnston, Wayne
Senator Richard Stevens (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-5653, Email:
Counties Represented: Wake

Senator Jerry W. Tillman (Rep), Phone: (919) 733-5870, Email:
Counties Represented: Montgomery, Randolph

Equality NC has an action item up on this.


Guess what? Forrester didn’t buy his own domain name.

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