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Think he’s got something on his mind?

Mary Cheney calls John Kerry a “son of a bitch” for using gays for political gain, but not a word about George Bush or dear old dad doing the same

Now you have a much larger window into Mary’s mind, and closet. In her own personal Stockholm Syndrome, the gay-bashers who started the fight are good people who just haven’t “caught up” yet. The gay-defenders fighting back are “sons of bitches,” “slime,” and need to “go fuck” themselves.”

I think he hits the mark on this in many ways here.

A newbie’s coming out experience is usually indicated by one or more of the following utterances:
1. I’m not one of those “activists.” (I.e., I don’t do anything to defend my rights, so I belittle people who do in order to make myself feel better.)
2. Sure I’m gay, but it’s not all I am, I’m other things too. (I.e., I’m still a bit embarrassed about who I am and about the fact that I’m not an activist).
3. Why can’t gay people be more “normal,” like me? (Normal means hiding out in the suburbs.)
4. I’m not a single-issue voter. (I.e., I still vote Republican and the only issue I DON’T take account when voting is “me.”)
5. Republicans don’t really hate gay people, they just “have” to vote the way they do for politics. (I.e., I still vote Republican.)
6. Democrats, sure they vote FOR gay people, but they’re not perfect either. (I.e., I know Republicans trash gays 90% of the time and the Dems help gays 90% of the time, but I still need to justify why I vote for a party that hates me.)

Of course you all got riled up in a prior Mary thread (over 100 comments!), so try keep yourselves together as I ask the Q of the day:

Out of John’s 1-6 above, which ones, if any, will you cop to feeling/saying?

John’s list doesn’t really work well for gay Dems, but can be modified to address issues about those first uncomfortable steps out of the closet. I’ve never voted Republican (in NC, I’ve seen no “liberal” or even “moderate” Rethugs to consider), but I think way back in the day I felt strongly about #2 and #4. Today’s climate makes it really hard for gay rights not to be the make or break issue. Clearly, I still feel strongly about a portion of #6 — the Dems just suck less on gay issues at this point — they need to be held accountable. I can’t stomach the spineless hypocrites any longer.

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