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Daddy Dobson on how to create a homo

It looks Dobson has unlocked one of the keys to the creation of a homosexual with information pulled out of his ass. Daniel at Ex-Gay Watch has a real educational experience for you all, straight from Daddy Dobson’s Focus on the Family Institute.

In Monday’s (05/08/06) Focus On The Family broadcast Dobson throws out a new term not even Google has a clinical definition for called “detachment and differentiation.” This supposedly describes the process by which a young boy separates from the mother and bonds with the father around ages 2-3. Dobson says homosexuality is “very typically rooted in the failure to accomplish that differentiation.” Dobson proceeds to tell listeners and a studio gallery full of Focus Institute students he remembers that pivotal moment at age 2-3 which led to formation of his heterosexuality.

Dan’s also got full audio and transcript of Dobson’s utterings, including this gut-buster:

This is fairly new information that’s being discussed in the child development clinics and in the universities throughout the country and around the world, and it is called “detachment and differentiation.” In other words, a boy detaches from his mother and then begins to accept the roll model that he sees in the father. The father really needs to entice the boy away from the feminine characteristics in the mother and begin to teach him to identify with the masculine model.

Now folks, listen to me, it is now believed that homosexuality is very typically rooted in the failure to accomplish that differentiation and when you see individuals who are very very feminine and you go back and you look at the early childhood development characteristics you will see a failure to make that change.

Oh, and on that “detachment and differentiation” theory, Dan did a little Googling and the only reference to that term is about urinary bladder cells.

I guess Daddy Dobson is just ahead of the science curve on the matter.

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