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Assclown homobigot of the day

And the winner is…Richard Barnbrook of the right wing British National Party. While bleating anti-gay diatribes, he somehow forgot about the porno — ahem — art film he produced and directed in the 80s. (Guardian):

He is the poster boy of the BNP, an articulate former teacher whose blue eyes and easy charm helped win the far-right party 11 council seats in Barking, east London. But now Richard Barnbrook, London leader of the BNP, has been forced to deny that an erotic movie he produced and directed as a student was a gay porn film.

HMS Discovery: A Love Story contains scenes of flagellation, men undressing and frolicking in a river and a naked man apparently performing a sex act on another. While this may be hard for supporters of a party opposed to the “promotion” of homosexuality to swallow, Mr Barnbrook’s transgressions get worse: the 58-minute film, made in 1989, is described as “Marxist” by one film website. [Are you rolling on the floor laughing yet?]

It was an art film, end of story. It was not a bloody porn film,” said Mr Barnbrook, now leader of the opposition on Barking council. “The only nudity in it is a couple of guys running in a river. It is not about homosexuality. It is about sexuality. Anything to do with my past politics or my past work, I am not interested in commenting on.”

…But yesterday he denied penning erotic poetry set to the footage, which includes the lines: “It bares you like a foreskin’s folds” and “Open-mouthed, I shall dream of altar boys.”

Oh my! The BNP, among other things, claims that homosexuality is “wrong and unhealthy for any community” and an “unhealthy practice.”


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding