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A Cordial Invitation…the GOP Celebrates Cheney and Goss


Raw Story got its hands on a copy of an invitation that I’ve been trying to track down for the last few days (good on them!).  I had heard through several sources that Denny Hastert had tapped Dick Cheney and Porter Goss as the recipients of this year’s House Distinguished Service Awards (from the GOP side of things), but that he’s been refusing to comment on the record with any journalist who was asking him about it.  Weird, huh?

No idea when the two GOP awards candidates were picked, but given the fact that one of them has a public approval rating in the basement around 18% (or less, depending on the poll) and who shot a man in the face this year; and the other just resigned on Friday due to several subordinates being involved in Forni-Gate and other unsavory federal investigations for bribery and contracting infractions (okay, and poker games and hookers…) — well, you’d think that someone would have been able to get Speaker Hastert on the record to explain his selection process.

But there’s been nothing.  Which had me thinking, if they were trying so hard to bury this, it deserved a whole bunch of sunshine.

And note that the other two selections — made by the Democratic leadership in the House — are Father Robert Drinan (former congressman from Massachusetts, as well as being a distinguished Jesuit professor) and former Rep. Lindy Boggs (former congresswoman from Louisiana, as well as having been the US Ambassador to the Vatican.)

The difference between the GOP and the Dem selections is striking, isn’t it?

Also, just a reminder this morning:  the YearlyKos hotel registration deadline is approaching on May 15th.   There are some fantastic panels scheduled, and we are working on a Firedoglake breakfast (thanks to Pach who is doing the heavy lifting on this one!) and some other FDL fun.  Beyond the fabu Plame panel that Jane has set up for everyone, Jane and I will also be doing some other panel discussions throughout the conference.

It’s going to be a fun time — and highly educational, as well as entertaining.  Having met a number of other bloggers in person, I have to say that I’m really looking forward to a large number of the announced panels.  (Just browse through the list on the YearlyKos site and see if the breadth of knowledge doesn’t amaze you, too.)  These folks are as amusing and snarky in the flesh as they are in print.  And the amount of heart and work that all of them put into moving our progressive cause forward is truly inspirational.  Can’t wait for YearlyKos — I’m looking forward to meeting so many of our readers in person most of all.

UPDATE:  Larry Johnson has more on the mess at the CIA and the Gosslings here and here.  And the Muck has even more.

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