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Okay. I will admit that I stayed away from Crossed Swords because, well, I thought it was a gay site. You know. And I’m not saying that it isn’t because, as Madonna once sang, “Gay is where you find it.” Or something like that. Oh c’mon…who really listens to Madonna lyrics? Not me. Nope.

Anyway, I didn’t know that it was the blog of Josh Trevino (James Kilpatrick) and Armando (Shana Alexander) where one is a little bit country and the other is a little bit objectively pro-terrorist, if you like that sort of thing, and by ‘that sort of thing’, I mean Crossfire-like arguments that always end with “Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree”, when a knifefight would have been oh so much more enjoyable. For us that is. But Trevino, who favors the Latinate name ‘Tacitus’ over the more latin ‘Treviño’ (which might get him bumped off of the Malkin’s A Very Unhinged Christmas card list), comes to the defense of Jeff Goldstein and, let’s face it, if anyone needs defending, it’s Goldstein.

Tonight, I see that the Heathers are guffawing amongst themselves because a man they dislike, one Jeff Goldstein, has admitted to being on anti-anxiety medication. Failed smear artist Jane Hamsher is at it. Ankle-biter Lindsay Beyerstein is at it. The otherwise utterly obscure “Thesaurus Rex” is at it. And erstwhile Hitchens-stalker Duncan Black is at it.

It’s a gutless, base, loathesome thing to do. Who mocks the ill? Who mocks the mentally ill? Didn’t that go out of style around third grade, when it dawned on most that tripping the Downs Syndrome kid at recess wasn’t actually funny?

Well. Not in the left-blog elite, it seems. Not in the milieu that thinks it’s awesome to commission fake hit pieces, pass out personal contact info, pass out home contact info (no link to that one), publicize information about spouses of political enemies, poke fun at public figures’ private grief over a miscarriage, and — need I go on?


I’ll be up-front and state that I have a personal interest here: many know, but some may not, that I was discharged from the Army in 1999 for a mental illness. Severe depression, in fact. It was an honorable discharge, but the circumstances still rankle after all this time. I blogged about it long ago, and though that site is gone, you can read about it here, here, here and here. Sadly, to this day, this — and the fact that I remain on a regimen of 25mg of Paxil CR per day, in part for anxiety, just like Goldstein — keeps me out of the National Guard. And believe me, there’s a 1LT in the northern California recruiting region who has spent the past six months very much wishing I would go away.

And that is really a shame because there is no more dogged friend who will stick up for someone, no matter how disgracefully wrong that friend has been, than Trevino/Tacitus. We should all have a friend like him. On the other hand, I’m not finding much in the way of anybody making fun of Jeff taking a few of Mother’s Little Helpers (how stunningly appropriate is that?) in those halcyon days of the drunk jokes , the dogporn and the latent humilation fantasies. In fact, all we ever said was that Jeff was stupid. Paste-eating stupid. One might say that we came for the stupid, but stayed for the drugs. Kind of like a Creed concert.

I could care less about Jeff Goldstein taking medication. A lot of us are on some medication or another for whatever ails us. I personally am on 20mg’s of Lovastatin for the shame of high cholesterol and, although I only weigh 158 pounds soaking wet (which is the standard for weighing people I guess), this has kept me from scaling Mt. Everest and, believe me, there is a sherpa in Nepal who could really use that seven dollars.

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