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The downward spiral of agony in Freeperland

Dear Leader is at 31% in the polls, the only folks willing to toss him a life preserver are the stalwart evangelical fundies, and now we’ve got Freeper essays pleading for the knuckle-draggers to go to the polls and not stay home for the mid-terms.

Read and die laughing at the flopsweat bleating in this post.

I’m more upset with Conservatives than I am with George W. Bush
Posted on 05/08/2006 7:04:26 PM PDT by mwfsu84

If I had told you on 9/11/2001 that we’d go four and half years and counting without another terrorist attack on US soil, would you have believed me?

If I had told you that US-led forces would secure Afghanistan in just a few months…something the Soviets couldn’t accomplish in ten years…would you have thought I was crazy?

If I had told you that Saddam was gone, that Khadaffy had renounced terrorism, and that Iraq was on the verge of becoming the second democracy in the Middle East, would have thought I was on medication?

Sometimes in our disappointment of this administration, we often forget some of the positives. The economy is strong. More Americans are homeowners. With tax cuts, we’re spending less time working for Uncle Sam.

And if you take those benefits for granted, just imagine how much different things would be under a President Al Gore.

So if the president’s stance on immigration and spending upset you – and they do upset me – what are you going to do about it? Stay at home? Nothing could be worse for conservativism. Your non-support will usher in more immigrants, higher taxes, and weaker national security.

If the GOP loses Congress, George W. Bush will be removed from office. Nothing would embolden terrorists more. How can we be counted on to wage an effective war when we can’t even decide who our enemy is?

George W. Bush isn’t the enemy. But that’s exactly the message conservatives will send to the world if they stay at home this November.

If you’re upset with W. on immigration – write him, write a Republican Congressman, let him know how you feel. It was conservatives who got Bush to change his mind on Harriet Meirs.

I promise you, a Democratic Congress won’t be nearly as responsive to your needs.

Well that got the troops riled up in the swamp; they didn’t like the whining one bit. But they hardly sound confident.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

Then you are just going to have to be upset. We’ve had enough.

Looks like you’re fixin to get a whole lot angrier.

You need to grow up and place blame where blame belongs.

It’s about the Mexicans. At this point, al-Qaeda is secondary for these pygmies. It’s all about the Mexicans!!!

I’m confident a Democratic congress will be just as responsive as the Republican congress has been.

I will gladly vote for any conservative Republican candidate that respects the sanctity of life, the 2nd Amendment, and the security and sovereignty of our borders. If they don’t meet those requirements (and the likely Senate nominee in NJ, Tom Kean Jr., does not), I will probably stay home or vote Constitution Party.

2008 primary will be the place to have the larger fight – We are currently in a war and we cannot allow the anti-military, anti-American, anti-sucess in the WOT democrats become a majority in Congress.

I’m thinking this whole thread is destined for failure.

You’re right. Staying home is stupid. I intend to vote third-party instead. It was conservatives who got Bush to change his mind on Harriet Meirs. And do you think he would have if he knew there was no chance of said conservatives bolting in ’06?

I’ll know what to blame if the Dims get control of Congress and help prepare the way for Hilary in the White House.

What’s the point of writing to people who are just going to respond with some sappy patronizing spin-filled letter without changing their policies? That’s not called “being responsive.” That’s called patronizing you and trying to keep your vote while betraying Republican principles. Medicare prescription drug benefit? Growing deficits? Pork-filled bills? No ANWR oil drilling? No Social Security reform? No immigration bill? No border security? More bureaucracy? I think the Democratic Congress can be just as “responsive” as that. Except maybe Bush would have the guts to veto them, which he clearly doesn’t with respect to “Republican” leadership.

I used to defend the President and this party at all costs, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to do. And that’s their own fault.

No, the senate is to blame along with the White House. The House has delivered much more when it comes to fiscal conservatism and their immigration bill is fantastic. Republican voters have learned a valuable lesson…..NEVER ELECT A COMPASSIONATE CONSERVATIVE TO DO A CONSERVATIVE’S JOB.

Pray for W and Our Freedom Fighters

It is time to cowboy the F up and stand shoulder to shoulder with this CIC while he leads our soldiers in this war. Come hell or high water. 08 is the time to take your personal political fight to the primaries.

You have a point , but I’m sick of the “vote republican because as bad as we are the dems are worse” approach. I think if people stay home its more out of frustration than anything else. I mean if you have the house , senate and presidency and you still cringe whenever Dean or Kennedy or McCain for that matter bash your ideas (when they have nothing) then what good are you. Here we have people in the country illegally, openly disgracing our flag and basically telling us “screw you we know you haven’t the guts to deport us”, and the republicans are sitting around debating how they can pass amnesty without calling it amnesty.

Folks, if the Democrats win the Congress this year, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It will be a flyinp $hit storm for the next two to six years.

The Red Meat, All of Nothing, single issue fanatics can drive every movement into the ground. The left wing “MoveOne fanatics have captured the Democrat Party and removed them from the realm of sanity. The question is, can fanatics destroy the Republicans as well?

I am thankful that we have not experienced another terrorist attack but am concerned that one will occur sooner rather than later due to our porous borders. Sure, we attacked Afghanistan and Iraq and are fighting terrorism around the world but we have left our borders wide open.

If Pedro and his eighteen brothers can get in so can Mohammed and his eighteen hijacker friends�

Keep drinking the kool-aide and repeating everything is great over and over.

Thank you for an intelligent well-thought out post. I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you. I am not willing to sacrifice my future or that of my children & grandchildren for a game of “teach ’em a lesson”. The thought of the Progressive Caucus running the house makes me sick to my stomach.

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