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“A mother is going to protect her child…it transcends standing in front of a train.”
— unhinged mom Caren McDonald, who was found guilty of abducting her son — she believed that the child being around his father might make him “turn gay”

Sheer lunacy. She coached her child to lie. (Miami Herald):

Caren MacDonald’s attorney evoked the Holocaust, 9/11, the Old Testament, Shakespeare and the mothering instincts of a South American beetle in arguing that his client acted out of necessity when she abducted her son and lived with him on the lam for nine months.

Jurors didn’t buy it.

It took the panel of four women and two men just an hour to find the 50-year-old artist guilty of interfering with custody and of violating a restraining order. She faces up to six years in prison at her sentencing next month.

”This was about a woman who wanted to get her own way,” said Assistant State Attorney Anita White after the verdict.

In 2001, MacDonald put on a wig and a school uniform and abducted her child, living in Austin, Texas and Costa Rica under assumed names. Once she was caught, the lies continued right into the courtroom.

MacDonald said she feared her son was being molested by her ex-husband’s lover and might ”turn” gay.

Attorney David Bogenschutz portrayed MacDonald as a loving mother whose fear of AIDS and exasperation with the judicial system led her to desperate actions.

…During the eight-day trial, the boy, whose name is being withheld by The Miami Herald because of his age, testified that his mother made him lie about being molested.

”My mother told me it was necessary,” the teenager testified last week. “She thought it was unfair that I lived with my dad pretty much all the time.”

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