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Mary, again.

“She lives her life the way she thinks is the best way to advance gay and lesbian issues. You know, at some point, you think, ‘Can we talk about something else already?’ “
— Mary Matalin, on Mary Cheney’s sense of “activism” – writing a book to cash in on her life as a homo her daddy’s campaign.

This is the living end. Read this puff piece on MC in the WaPo:

Her refusal to engage in public debate has infuriated many gay-rights activists. But she’s making her point now, on her terms. “Didn’t you just see me go on ‘Good Morning America’?”

And when she decides it’s her turn, she definitely knows how to get in her licks. In her book, Cheney devotes two chapters to her anger and frustration — and outright dislike — when it comes to Kerry and Edwards. And this is where the quick, wry, humorous tone of the book brings in a little venom. She thought Edwards, whom she ridicules for his fixation on his hair, “was complete and total slime.” She quotes her sister calling Kerry a “complete and total sleazeball.” She herself called him a profanity, she recounts with relish, after Kerry invoked the fact that she is a lesbian in non-response to a question during the presidential debate about whether he believes homosexuality is a choice.

…”Campaigns are these amazing things,” she says, and now she’s being earnest. “It’s too bad that so few people actually get to see what goes on.”

This, she says, is the No. 1 reason why she wrote the book. She’s wise enough to know, though, that it won’t be the No. 1 reason why most people buy it. There are those who will buy it to see what she has to say about Bush’s stance on gay marriage. There are those who will buy it looking for insights into her father. And there are those who will buy it wanting an inside peek into the life and head of a gay woman who also happens to be a Republican and the daughter of the second most powerful man in the country. She can keep trying for the understatement, but now that she’s stepped into the world of celebrity — Larry King up next, Wednesday night — it isn’t going to be quite so easy.

The more I read, the less regard I have for Ms. Cheney. I had little to begin with, but she has not impressed me at all as someone who has any empathy for those who risk losing their jobs, custody of children, even their safety, simply because they are gay. Now that it’s “her turn” to talk, she’s digging the hole deeper.

If Mary’s stance is truly ‘Can we talk about something else already?’ that really does say it all. I hope she understands that, as a resident of Virginia, she is about to watch her state vote this fall on passage of a heinous marriage amendment which would legally attack her relationship with Heather Poe. Would she rather talk about kayaking down the river with Poe, or might she step up to the plate as a resident of the Commonwealth and say that this amendment is wrong, no matter which party you belong to? If she did so, then I might revisit my opinion of her. I doubt she’ll do anything of the sort.

She really is clueless (and uncaring) about the impact her silence in 2004 had on gays and lesbians who lived day to day, watching those red states pass marriage amendments, then made moves to stop gay adoption, all as she lived and worked in the safety and financial comfort that her father’s status provided. It was easier not to say a word, not to give a damn, than to challenge the right wing nutcases as they demonized gays and lesbians to stir up The Base.

By the way, Mary’s employer, AOL, is laying off 9% of its workforce. Her head isn’t on the chopping block, though — it’s the “peon” call center folks — she’s got a cushy exec position.

H/t, Holly

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