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The anti-sex, anti-gay, anti-woman agenda

“The effective separation of sex from procreation may be one of the most important defining marks of our age — and one of the most ominous. This awareness is spreading among American evangelicals, and it threatens to set loose a firestorm.. . .A growing number of evangelicals are rethinking the issue of birth control — and facing the hard questions posed by reproductive technologies.”
— R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, on why the AmTaliban is working 24/7 to stop non-procreative sex and control the wombs of America.

We all know that this is the real agenda of the Religious Right — they cannot stand the thought of people having sex for pleasure and above all, in their dirty minds, any sex where the “right parts” don’t fit.

In the article Contra-Contraception in the NY Times Magazine, it’s all laid bare, no pretenses at all. These folks came after the homos and the wanton women first, but they want to monitor everyone’s bedroom activities.

Many Christians who are active in the evolving anti-birth-control arena state frankly that what links their efforts is a religious commitment to altering the moral landscape of the country. In particular, and not to put too fine a point on it, they want to change the way Americans have sex. Dr. Stanford, the F.D.A. adviser on reproductive-health drugs, proclaimed himself “fully committed to promoting an understanding of human sexuality and procreation radically at odds with the prevailing views and practices of our contemporary culture.” Focus on the Family posts a kind of contraceptive warning label on its Web site: “Modern contraceptive inventions have given many an exaggerated sense of safety and prompted more people than ever before to move sexual expression outside the marriage boundary.” Contraception, by this logic, encourages sexual promiscuity, sexual deviance (like homosexuality) and a preoccupation with sex that is unhealthful even within marriage.

It may be news to many people that contraception as a matter of right and public health is no longer a given, but politicians and those in the public health profession know it well. “The linking of abortion and contraception is indicative of a larger agenda, which is putting sex back into the box, as something that happens only within marriage,” says William Smith, vice president for public policy for the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States.

Ultimately, the battle against non-abstinence-only sex ed, emergency contraception, sex toys, porn, homosexuality — anything that has to do seeking carnal pleasure (even within the bonds of marriage if babymaking isn’t on the agenda), or simply using correct terms for anatomy is what these people are after. It’s sick and Americans need to wake up.

Shakes Sis lobs a good one:

They can claim from here to eternity that their primary interest is “a religious commitment to altering the moral landscape of the country” (which, from my perspective, they’re doing, since I consider prioritizing babymaking sex over AIDS prevention, for example, a decidedly amoral position radically diverging from the moral landscape currently hanging on by a thread), but what this is really about is the subjugation of women, who by any measure will have less freedom and opportunity if control over their own reproduction is taken away from them. (That’s not to minimize the additional strain on men who would also become fathers against their will, but fathering 7 kids doesn’t have quite the same affect career-wise, for instance, as carrying and bearing them does.) While little girls are being targeted with purity balls by Focus on the Family, to try to indoctrinate against extra-marital sex early, a search on prostitution—to which, historically, men turned to get their jollies when “nice girls” were locked up in chastity belts and wives who didn’t want to get pregnant again simply refused sex—just turns up yet more information on homosexuality. Though prostitution flourishes in sex-restricted cultures that don’t provide women with reproductive choices, the pro-lifers don’t seem to care much about preventing it even as they try to lock down women again.

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