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How will Snow Job's first day go?

Today is Tony Snow’s first day at the podium in his role as WH Press Secretary, and he’s going to face questions about Porter Goss’s sudden canning, er, resignation from the CIA. This assumes that the press actually asks any questions of relevance. Jay Rosen at PressThink wonders whether it’s possible to get straight answer as to why Goss left, given the current state of the MSM (h/t, Raw Story):

Reason-giving is basic to government by consent of the governed. Very basic. An Administration that doesn’t have to give reasons for what it is doing is unaccountable to the American people and their common sense, to world opinion” even to itself.

To pressure the CIA director to leave after 20 months in the job, and to give no reason at all for it –not even “spend more time with the family” is a big screw you to anyone trying to discern what the President is doing and what the government is up to.

This is why we have professional journalists as part of our public life. They are supposed to step in when reason-giving falters, and press for an explanation. And if on Monday, the White House press corps can’t get an explanation for Goss’s departure it will fail some basic test of usefulness.

…Especially after Goss called it “one of those mysteries,” reporters will, I think, be asking lots of CIA director questions on Monday.

…Monday is also the day Tony Snow, the new White House press secretary, is supposed to take over in the briefing room. Thus it’s possible we will know right away whether Snow represents a change in White House strategy, or a corrective to the old strategy of de-certifying the press and rolling it back.

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