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Gore priming for 2008?

Or is it wishful thinking? It’s the buzz all over the blogosphere today, with the Wall Street Journal piece, Al Gore Might Yet Join 2008 Contenders.

The prospect of a new, improved, big cojones pro-gay marriage Gore 2.0 in 2008 is a helluva lot better than thinking about the nightmare known as sHillary.

For former Vice President Al Gore, a rash of favorable publicity surrounding this month’s opening of his movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” and the growing political resonance of its subject — global warming — are stoking the most serious speculation about a Gore political comeback since his loss in the 2000 U.S. presidential election.

In 2008, that could mean a once-unimaginable battle for Democrats’ nomination between Bill Clinton’s former vice president and his wife, Hillary Clinton. To some pro-Gore Democrats, worried about Mrs. Clinton’s electability, that is part of the appeal.

…The Gore buzz reflects a sense among even some pro-Clinton Democrats that Mrs. Clinton, considered the prohibitive favorite for the nomination given her support in the party’s base of activists and donors, can’t win the general election because she is a polarizing figure to many voters. These skeptics believe only someone such as Mr. Gore with the celebrity and fund-raising potential to match Mrs. Clinton could stop her.

Like Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Gore remains a negative figure to many voters, says a Democrat who has seen private polls. For both, that might only increase with the spectacle of a Clinton-Gore brawl. Even insiders can’t fully account for the bad blood that has built up since. At bottom, they say, it reflects contrasting views of what cost Mr. Gore the 2000 election: Mr. Clinton’s scandals, or Mr. Gore’s decision to so fully separate himself from a president who remained popular amid peace and prosperity. Several insiders say Mr. Gore is more likely to run if Mrs. Clinton does than if she doesn’t.

The thread over at AmericaBlog on this topic is over 400 comments large, so clearly folks are hungering for someone other than sHillary. Shakes Sis, who would give Gore a big smoocheroo if she had the chance, lol, is also chatting this one up.

So, what do Blenders think?


BTW, here’s the Freepi commentary, in case you were wondering…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

We can only hope the dems are stupid enough to run Gore again.

Oh, please; oh, please!

Praise be to allah, the earth godless, and every other entity worshipped by the fruits and nuts of this world. Go AL Go!!!

In ’92 and ’96 the Dems ran the sleaziest guy they could find, and won both times. In 2000 they ran the dumbest mental case they could find and came within a hair’s breadth of winning. In 2004 they ran a certified traitor and almost won. I think this time they will go back to sleaze. Its their winning combination.

He can be the first white-woman vp, as Bubba was the first black pres.

Run al-Gore; the Muslims need you. Run Ozone Al, the environmental wackos need you. Run Algore, the Leftwing kooks still love you.

I’ve been predicting an Algore run for a while now, and I strongly believe that he will defeat the Hildabeast in the ’08 primaries and become the ‘Rat candidate. Reasons: 1. Hillary is radioactive in the red states, where Gore could potentially mask his agenda there among the so-called ‘swing voters’ (ie. uninformed morons) 2. The leftist kook base is not that crazy about Hillary because of her Iraq position, where Gore has been a hysterical antiwar nutjob from the beginning 3. The Dean/Kerry faction within the ‘Rat party may be more inclined to support Gore as an anti-Hillary because of internal rivalries (I believe that Dean’s ascension to DNC chair occurred for the same reason: ie. he was the anti-Terry McAuliffe)

Be very afraid of a Gore candidacy: unless all of the uninformed losers that constitute the ‘swing voter’ population suddenly get informed about how much of a nut case our former VP is, he would (IMHO) stand a much better chance of defeating the Republican than Hillary.

I just don’t think I can stand to hear Al Ogre’s voice again. Or Kerry’s either.

Like you, I think Algore will run in ’08 for two reasons:
1. He sees himself as the second coming of Richard Nixon, i.e. lose a very close election then come back 8 years later and win against a divided opposition party;

2. He absolutely hates the Wicked Witch of the West Wing, probably more than he hates Dubya, and the chance to destroy her in the primaries may prove too tempting to pass up.

Running on a hard-left platform of environmental whackiness, anti-war, pro-tax and spend will send the leftwing nutjobs into a frenzy that will last until Election Day. Fortunately, it won’t be enough to push him over the top against a competent GOP opponent and will likely scare the hell out of swing voters. One final thought on the RATS in 2008. If Algore does run, Jean Francois Cherie might as well drop out the moment the Tree throws his hat in the ring, because Ketchup Boy will be appealing to the same lunatics, but won’t have the same fiery wonkishness that Algore brings to the table.

Please run, Al, PLEEEEEEEZZZZZZEE RUN!!!! We need a good laugh . . . . .

Some of the speeches he’s given lately makes me think he’s escaped from an insane asylum…he’s really gone off the deep end…what a moonbat.

He might try to ditch the hard-left rhetoric, but the GOP will have 8 years worth of tape showing just how deranged he’s become since 2000.

One of our relatives did a few years as pysch nurse. She has said for about 4 years that Goron and Tipper both need to be in locked pysch wards to protect themselves, innocent family members and the rest of us. She is in total agreement with you. His remarks in the middle east about America are on tape and will drive any sane person away from voting for him.

Consider this…in Iowa, Al is likely trusted more than Hillary. In this game of primaries…winning Iowa matters. It forces Hillary into a must-win situation for the next race.

Goron has gone nuts…what a complete loon. You’re right, please Goron run run run…LOL

One of my wife’s relatives sent me an email and said that Goron is trying to blackmail the DNC into bribing him not to run. She believes that Burkle, will offer Goron a big paycheck to do nothing besides not running.

If he puts an R after his name he’d have a number of FReepers, Karl Rove, and Ken Mehlman supporting him. Maybe he should consider running as a Republican this time.

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