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Abstinence-only proponents dominate CDC anti-STD panel

The pressure to avoid facts and science in order to accommodate the faith-based BS continues unabated. (365gay):

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has bowed to pressure from a Republican congressman to include two abstinence-only proponents to a federal panel on STDs, bypassing the scientific approval process according to a published report.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind) the chair of the House subcommittee on drug policy accused the CDC of including only opponents of abstinence programs on the panel to be held Tuesday at the National STD Prevention Conference in Jacksonville, Fla.

…Jonathan Zenilman, president of the American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association and conference organizer said that the two pro-abstinence people added to the panel are not scientists.

These people aren’t scientists; they haven’t written anything,” he told the Inquirer. “The only reason they’re here is because of political pressure from the administration.”

To make room for the abstinence proponents the CDC dropped two researchers from the panel – one a Penn State scientist who had prepared a discussion paper on how abstinence programs were tied to rising STD rates.

Perhaps the panelists will explain how to pray the clap away.

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