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Freedom from homosexuality, the Daddy Dobson way

Dan at Ex-Gay Watch has a laugh-out-loud commentary on the activities of the clown-car show known as the 2006 Exodus Freedom [from homosexuality] Conference, featuring “professional heterosexuals” and allies such as Anne Heche’s mom, Nancy, Randy Thomas, and Focus on the Anus’s gender issues analyst and “former lesbian” Melissa Fryrear.

Perhaps at this year’s conference Ms. Fryrear will meet a homosexual who has not been molested. If any XGW readers who have not been molested attend the conference please identify yourself to Ms. Fryrear.

The award for best workshop title goes to Randy Thomas. I’ve got no clue what it’s about but it’s got to be good:

Escaping the Gaytrix – Randy Thomas

From the same city that brought you Kevin Federline comes…

What’s Wrong With Masturbation? – Russell Willingham
We’ve all wondered about Masturbation. Is it healthy self-expression or a bondage? What does the Bible say and not say about it? In this workshop we will explore these questions and look at ways to deal with this challenging issue.

Dan also aptly noted that there are twice as many panel discussions on how to prevent man-on-man action than on dyke deviance (which we all know, is par for the course with these folks).

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