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NC county sued for preventing anti-gay pamphlets

The bible beaters were slapped down for promoting the Day of Truth with gay-bashing handouts, and now they are suing the Sampson County (NC) school system and the principal who suspended the ninth grader. (Sampson Independent):

According to school superintendent Dr. Stewart Hobbs, a student from Midway High School approached principal Gaynor Canady to get approval to wear a T-shirt promoting Day of Truth, and to pass out leaflets reportedly bashing gays and lesbians. Hobbs said Canady told the student, identified by the Associated Press as Benjamin Arthurs, the T-shirt had to be approved first and that religious leaflets were not permissible.

Hobbs said the student wanted to wear the T-shirt and pass out leaflets on Day of Truth, which was April 27, in retaliation of Day of Silence that was on April 26. The student was given permission to wear the T-shirt that only read “Day of Truth,” but the leaflets were not allowed because it was forcing religious beliefs on other students in a public school.

…Hobbs said Arthurs was still not given permission to pass out the leaflets but he did any way during the morning of Day of Truth, which is the “Christian counterpoint view to Day of Silence.” The leaflet “basically said gays and lesbians are going to hell,” said Hobbs. Several students, teachers and parents came to the Midway High office concerned about the leaflets being passed out.

…Hobbs said Arthurs was suspended for insubordination. Arthurs passed out leaflets even though the principal told him he couldn’t, said Hobbs, and those leaflets disrupted the school setting and was forcing religious beliefs on others. The T-shirt, though, was not deemed disruptive.


Similarly, up in the Great White North, Blender Mark passed on this lunacy — from his blog, Slap Upside the Head:

Ted Morton’s Bill 208, which passed second reading this week, would make it OK for teachers to not acknowledge the existence of same-sex marriage in Alberta. And for teachers that do wish to acknowledge reality… well, they’d be required to send out parental warnings before speaking a word about the gays. How quaint!

When asked why this craziness was conceived, Morton replied: “[It’s] to pre-empt the type of harassment of people who disagree with same-sex marriage.” Yeah, because those people are so discriminated against. Also — wait, did that response have anything to do with parents and teachers?

I believe this nonsense, considering Premier Ralph Klein was practically dragged kicking and screaming to accept same-sex marriage last year.

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