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God's Own Party?

The whole Duke Cunningham/lobbyist prosty scandal is still heating up, with the rumbles now that Porter Goss, the CIA head who bailed all of a sudden yesterday, might somehow be involved. Raw Story:

According to a senior law enforcement official quoted in an article in Saturday’s NY Daily News, the resignation of Porter Goss is tied to the scandal enveloping a Republican congressman convicted for taking bribes in exchange for government contract hand-outs.

“It’s all about the Duke Cunningham scandal,” the unnamed official tells the Daily News.

The article intimates that Goss and an assistant were present at poker parties held at the Watergate Hotel, where prostitutes were available to Congressmen who were on the take.

The interesting aspect of this is that it’s entirely possible that gay hookers are also involved, considering Duke was outed some time ago (see my December 05 post, Washington Blade editorial: ‘outing’ can change votes for that item). HRC’s former head Elizabeth Birch inadvertently let that cat out of the bag.

Let’s see whether this bit of information ever gets play in the MSM in relation to this story.

And a blast from the past — this is what happened during Poppy’s administration (h/t DKos commenter wonkeydonkey):

That story is here and here. A Brit documentary about it is here.

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Pam Spaulding