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DC homobigot pastor tries to top Willie Wilson

“It takes a real man to confess Jesus as Lord and Savior. I’m not talking about no faggot or no sissy…Wait a minute! Let all the real men come on down here and take a bow. All the real men -— I’m talking about the straight men.”

— DC pastor Bishop Alfred A. Owens, in a recorded sermon delivered at Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church

We’ve got another live one here, courtesy of Jasmyne Cannick. Instead of taking the tack of fellow homo-bigot pastor Willie Wilson, who saw a lesbian around every corner, we’ve got Bishop Owens, who’s trying to root out the gayboys in his church with a call-out from the pulpit.

This is a prime example of the sickness in the socially conservative religious black community, and you will not see these hateful sons-of-bitches called out by the mainstream Democratic leaders. The spineless Dems won’t touch this homobigotry with a one-hundred-foot pole for fear of the race card being slapped down on them. Falwell, Dobson and the white fundamentalist extremists can be held up as sick examples of conservative fear and hate, but men like Owens and Willie Wilson get a pass.

It’s disgusting to see one oppressed community sh*t on another — queer folks of color, particularly black men, are left to largely fend for themselves in a lonely purgatory of sorts, exacerbating the problem of the down low phenomenon. And why wouldn’t it, when your own community rejects you on a level like this (Washington City Paper):

Bishop Alfred A. Owens Jr.—pastor of the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church, one of the city’s largest congregations—had a clever theme for his April 9 service. His sermon was titled “Fan or Follower!” Owens, who is an honorary member of Mayor Anthony A. Williams’ Interfaith Council, delivered a message urging congregants to be move beyond being fans of the church to becoming followers of the righteous path.

He also made clear that one segment of his congregation is not welcome on that path: gay men.

…“You ain’t funny and you ain’t cranky, but you’re straight. Come on down here and walk around and praise God that you are straight. Thank him that you’re straight. All the straight men that’s proud to be a Christian, that’s proud to be a man of God.”

Owens did not return calls seeking comment.

One attendee of the service, who describes himself as a gay, says the house was packed for the Palm Sunday service. He and “about 20” other closeted gay men in the crowd, he says, felt they had no choice but to join Owens’ spontaneous celebration of straightness.

He calls the bishop’s message “offensive” because it suggests “it is impossible to be gay and serve God.” He also objects to Owens’ use of “faggot” and “sissy” to describe gay men. “If I wasn’t delivered,” he says, “I wouldn’t have been delivered on that day.”

The Bishop’s anti-gay rhetoric is no surprise coming from the No. 2 man in the conservative Mount Calvary Holy Church of America Inc. Gay activists say Owens has a history of homophobic sermons, but add that his congregation include numerous gay members.

…Ward 8 activist Philip Pannell says the bishop “has a longstanding record of homophobia. I literally will not step in his church,” says Pannell, who is gay.

These gay parishioners are clearly afraid to walk out, come out and lose the sense of community they do have in a hostile world, but quite frankly, these gays and lesbians (and their allies) must come out, speak out and withhold their money from these bigots who spend Sunday sermons demonizing them.

Owens’s wife, Co-pastor Susie C. Owens, according to black anti-gay minister watchdog site Operation: Rebirth isn’t much better at laying off the homo-baiting from the pulpit. First, she ignorantly references the ordination of Gene Robinson as Bishop in the Episcopal church.

The “Epistopal (not Episcopal, but Epistopal) Church voted to ordain and accept an openly gay priest!” From the way the crowd moaned and groaned, you would have thought someone died. She felt it reprehensible for a church to sanction a gay man to speak the oracles of God.

Nevermind the fact that the people who elected and ordained him felt that he was a good priest. He helped people. The parishioners LOVE him. His work spoke volumes of his character, his love for God, and his devotion to showing God’s love to people. He was obedient in doing what priests should do. But no, he shouldn’t be ordained. After all , HE’S GAY! Let THAT be what we judge him on.

She went on to say how the devil tried really hard to stop her from preaching this sermon. But she told him, “I’m gonna preach this sermon if I gotta crawl to do it. I gotta tell the TRUTH!” The congregation went WILD! (Now stay with me here, she’s getting somewhere….I promise.) Co-Pastor Owens then said, “let the tape and the record show, that I AM NOT a homophobic person. I AM NOT a ‘gay bashing’ preacher. I just don’t applaud the gay and lesbian lifestyle. SIN IS SIN! I don’t care if you a fornicator, an adulterer, a murderer, a liar, a thief, or if you love to gossip…ALL OF IT IS SIN!”

…Lastly, she made a snide remark about “you gays that are taking the pills thinking you’re delivered, trying to get your lil’ T-cell count up…check out the latest medical report. The HIV virus can over time develop a resistance to those pills. So, what you thought could make you able to go out and continue what you were doing…THE PILLS AIN’T WORKIN NO MORE. If you don’t be careful, God will take what was meant to bless you and use it to curse you.”

This, friends, has to stop. These bigots are speaking these words of hate and intolerance with children sitting there in the pews. It makes me sick.

Perhaps folks might want to politely express their distaste to the Owens family for using the pulpit to preach hate.

Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church
Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr., D.Min., Pastor
Evangelist Susie C. Owens, Co-Pastor
Associate Pastor, T. Cedric Brown
Office: 202-529-4547
Fax: 202-529-4495

Jasmyne has more contact information at her pad.


Even with that unhinged hate above, It’s frightening that this sad sorry example of a spiritual leader doesn’t top Willie Wilson. It’s pretty hard to surpass this insanity:

“”Now, can I talk here? I ain’t homophobic, because everybody in here got something wrong with him. Whoever you point at, you can point at your own self. You got something wrong with your life. But when you get down to this thing, women falling down on another woman, strapping yourself up with something, it ain’t real. That thing ain’t got no feeling in it. It ain’t natural. Any time somebody got to slap some grease on your behind, and stick something in you, it’s something wrong with that. Your butt ain’t made for that. [Audience shouts and yells its approval in the background.]

You got blood vessels and membranes in your behind. And if you put something unnatural in there, it breaks them all up. No wonder your beh
ind is bleeding. It’s destroying us. Can’t make no connection with a screw and another screw. The Bible says God made them male and female. The Hebrew word Negade (?), which means complimentary nature – there is something unique to man and unique to woman and it takes those two things to compliment each other. You can’t make a connection with two screws. It takes a screw and a nut! (shouting).”.”
–The Rev. Willie Wilson, pastor of Union Temple Baptist Church in Southeast D.C. (and a former mayoral candidate) during a recorded sermon.

“The situation is so grave that it should be declared a national emergency.”
— Willie Wilson, on the “epidemic” of lesbianism among black girls, on the Web site of Union Temple Baptist Church

See the hilarious Flash animation that accompanies Wilson’s audio from his sermon.

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