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'Ex-gay' James Hartline: repeal of DADT is threat to national security

I blogged last week about Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-CA), the latest member of Congress to sign on to the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which would kill Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

The wingers caught on to this bit of business, and put their own spin on it. Witness the reaction of “former homosexual” James Hartline. He calls the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network a “radical homosexual group” out to create a threat to national security. Put on your anti-gay tin foil hat and count the winger cliches in this, from The James Hartline Report (via Freeperland):

In what many are calling a grave threat to national security, Democratic Congresswoman Susan Davis has begun to push for the legalization of sodomy in the United States military. According to an April 28, 2006 press release issued by the radical homosexual group, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), Congresswoman Davis has signed on as a co-sponsor of a bill to remove the ban on homosexual participation in the United States military. Davis, a liberal pro-abortion Democrat, represents the military-based area of San Diego, in turn making her decision to lead the charge to remove restrictions on sodomy in the military, a move that could jeopardize, not only moral discipline in the armed forces, but would lead to the immediate flight of thousands of military servicemen who do not want to be exposed to homosexual activity inside of their barracks.

…Gay activists have been upset with Congresswoman Davis for not previously signing on to repeal the ban on homosexuals in the military. Up for reelection in the Congressional 53rd District, Davis now reversed course to appease radical gay activists. Deeming it more important to appease homosexual activists than the consequences to national security by allowing the spread of homosexuality inside of the military, Congresswoman Davis now personifies a politician who is out of touch with the current world war that America is fighting to defeat terrorism. Why someone would want to introduce something as unhealthy as sodomy into the military, that would clearly demoralize many American troops in the midst of a deadly war, has dumbfounded voters in her district.

Congresswoman Davis has, as her District Director, Todd Gloria, a radical gay activist. Gloria, who serves on the board of the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center, has been aggressively supporting the legalization of gay marriage and other anti-family causes. In 2003, Congresswoman Davis was a featured speaker at a porn-promoting Conference on Bi-Sexuality, where workshops on perverted sexual acts were also presented. The idea that Congresswoman Davis has surrounded herself with such immoral policymakers and events is disturbing to many of the constituents in her district. Now that she has extended her radical views on sexuality into a campaign to legitimize such behavior in the Armed Services, can only be interpreted as a threat to national security. With documented cases of sexual promiscuity and AIDS inside of homosexual communities throughout America rapidly increasing, it is disturbing to many Americans, why liberal Democrats and some Republicans want introduce such a threat into the military.

The screw is loose. I think James is getting a woody, fantasizing about nude men around him in the barracks shower with the bar of soap mysteriously dropping.

The Freepi had scintillating comments on Hartline’s shrill piece, reflecting the level of critical thinking skills that you’ve come to know and love.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

There’s nothing like poop on a private part to increase the military’s morale.

In the good-old-days she would have been tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail.

Just when you think the faltering Republicans are about to be overtaken by the Keystone Kops of the Democratic Party in an election year, one of the kops blows up their own pursuit car.

Nothing new, really. The Liberals have been sodomizing the military every chance they get for quite some time now.

This is the democratic party and their priorities. The Republicans should pick this and some of the other looney things going on i.e. Cynthia McKinney and run with it. But you want hear anything but crickets from the Republicans…. I think someone has pictures of the Republicans in a compromising position. They have no spine and they act like they are a minority. Of course they will be the minority party after November.

With dykes like this “serving” in Congress, I have little hope for America. And much less hope for the braindead who put her there.

She needs to be bent over….and……..

Somebody tell this simp that the code is to never leave your buddies behind and it isn’t not to leave your buddy’s behind.

“Why do we let the 2% deviants and their supporters ruin this country?”

Because the Republicans allow it! They have no spine, they are cowering in the corner letting Reid, Kerry, Clinton and the other members of the “majority”, I mean minority party run the show!

I can just see it all now. A Company Commander and his First Sergeant skipping down the street holding hands while looking at each other with “goo-goo” eyes and stopping occasionally to swap spit. Isn’t that just the way it should be?

next they’ll make up gay fairytales for the military school kids to learn

How can they fight if they’re walking all funny the next day? BTW, whatever happened to “don’t ask, don’t tell”? They’re slowly whittling it down until heterosexuals are no longer allowed in the military.

Okay, all you dumbfounded voters, get to the polls and VOTE HER OUT.

We Americans just can’t SIT around & allow these vermin to continue to destroy all good aspects of a society. We can’t just complain. We have to take an active force on these cretins. I don’t mean harmful acts but she needs a few gnats in her face on a constant basis which interrupts her lunches etc.

The statement that there are 21,000 gay and lesbian veterans is a statement that has no proof of fact. That is a falsified number that cannont be proven, stated by the homosexual website seeking to legalize sodomy by overstating their numbers and importance. Really, it is time to DEFY THE LIE!

In any case, she’s a woman, why does she care about sodomy – and in the military, no less?

Lets send this to the Rev FRED PHELPS and the WBC. maybe he will go protest at her offices and leave the vets hospitals and soldiers funerals alone for awhile.

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