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All you need to know about homosexuality and Mary

We can stop debating now — I’ve found a great American who knows all about the homos, presenting an expert analysis of the matter. From the Primetime Live message board on the Mary Cheney interview, someone calling themselves “ishelp4” (paragraph breaks added for sanity, otherwise the post is unaltered):

Mary Cheney some of why children are influenced

Many children are influenced to be gay. It is definatley my opinion no one is born gay. I want people to understand how a child can have an experiance as a child and then forget as they grow. Then many people have post traumatic stress from issues of having formed a sexual attraction, and some from memmories that they had forgoten. Innoscent times when a young child may have bene influenced incident or perpertated, and the child had formed an attraction involving an act that was very sensual to them. This is forgotten often.

So a child may find themselves attracted to simular innscodent. Would appriciate if someone like you could help people understand issues of gender dysphoria more. That people could realise it does not mean a person is gay. Parents often feel their child will be gay. I believe gender dysphoria can be born in a child, and also some children that learn characteristics that mimic gender dysphorias.

Parents should understand this to better help a child. A child does not have to have a gender dysphoria to form an attraction on same gender iether. Not all children with a gender dysphoria will form attractions on same gender as well. I believe though children with gender dysphorias, born or learned have higher incidents of experiancing homosexual issues. Children without gender dysphorias, and children with learned dysphorias that experiance fear of forming or having a sexual attraction to same gender seem to have more homophobic behaviour outcomes.

Also if a child that had a formed behaviours that mimmic gender dysphoria, these are the children that have higher rates of outgrowing the gender dysphoria. Yet children born with a gender dysphoria have more of transgendered outcomes. Some children without any characteristics of gender dysphoria experiance acts that cause a child to be sexually associated with female dress code, these men usually turn out transvestite, and not homosexual. I could go on, but many people can not distinguish all these issues. BUT I ASSURE YOU NO ONE IS BORN GAY !

WTF was that insanity about? Jeebus.

BTW, we didn’t see the interview. Blender Henway saw it and emailed:

Biggest laugh, for me, came when lil’ Mary came out to mother Lynne, who burst into tears because Mary would face “a hard life.” Uh, and who was going to make her life so hard?

The expression on Sawyer’s painted face was priceless– the sympathy and concern that should normally be reserved for lepers, burn victims, or Teri Hatcher.

This self-deceiving chick is sick, sick, sick. What’s more, if last night’s interview is any indication, her book will reveal absolutely nothing, and certainly not address the question on everyone’s mind: “Woman, what on earth are you really thinking?”

As I said in my earlier post, the book is fish-wrap worthy.

Apparently John A. was edited into the Primetime Live piece, culled from an old, unaired interview, probably when he was running the Mary milk carton deal.

Anyone bother to tune in? Reactions?

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