I’ve got “Spending time with Andy Card’s kids” in my office pool.

The short reign of Porter the Goss ended abruptly this morning, and those who spin to win are being careful to leave themselves a window to crawl out of in case they are horribly horribly wrong. Again.

Glenn Reynolds thinks he was just hired as a temp but might have been caught stealing post-it notes or something:

PORTER GOSS HAS RESIGNED as CIA head. He was always a transitional figure, there to clean up the Tenet mess, but I suspect there’s more to it than that because I don’ think that mess has been cleaned up.

Something called Macsmind thinks that Goss was done tidying up and all that is left is to put the mint on the pillow:

No matter what you hear, Goss came, he saw, he conquered. This isn’t a “staff change”, it has nothing to do with Rove. It was understood when he came in what he was coming in for. He did what he came to do.

He swept, now others will collect the dust.

If the rogues thought Goss was a ball-buster, they haven’t seen anything yet, as the CIA will most likely now come directly under the DNI, John Negroponte.

Let the fun begin.

Which, I assume, must mean that applications for death squad trainee are now being taken and that vulgar bully Stephen Colbert better watch his ass.

And Jeff Goldstein thinks…oh, who cares what Goldstein thinks; it always degenerates into cock jokes:

How long, I wonder, before famed champion of teh gay (whether they like it or not!) John Aravosis sees JEFF GANNON’S GAY PORN COCK OF LIES crammed somewhere into this story…?

Jeff Goldstein: Imagineer of the Dick.

Me? I’m gonna go with the hookers story. If it’s gay hookers, that’ll just be frosting on the cake. Or on something. Ask Jeff.

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