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Thursday Philly photos

We went to the Andrew Wyeth exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, it was incredible. Very highly recommended. We also lucked out that Grace Kelly’s wedding dress was on exhibit (along with one of her bridesmaid’s gowns and a flower girl’s dress). It is part of the museum’s collection, but because of the gown’s fragile state, it is only on display from time to time. She wore size 7 shoes, btw, and Kelly had the designer build a penny into the shoe for good luck (they had an xray of the shoe there).

Below are a couple of shots from the great staircase leading up to the museum, looking down Ben Franklin Parkway. Movie buffs — these are the steps Rocky Balboa ran up when he was training.

When coming back down Ben Franklin Parkway, you pass Logan Circle:

The Franklin Institute Science Museum

and The Free Library of Philadelphia

We had lunch back in Reading Terminal Market, at a restaurant called Pearl’s Oyster Bar.

We went back to the hotel for a bit, and then went over to the gayborhood to Giovanni’s Room (12th and Pine), a bookstore, to browse around, and on the way passed the notorious 12th Street Gym. This is a gym that is smack dab in the gay district, frequented by queers and one of the owners was a big donor to Rick Santorum’s campaign. Needless to say, that didn’t go over well in the community, and a dustup in April resulted in Robert Guzzardi selling his interest in the gym. Will Bunch:

In the face of protests from gay activists and their political allies over political donations to Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, a leading foe of gay causes, the 12th Street Gym’s lead owner is selling his stake in the club.

A statement released by the gym last night said Robert Guzzardi, the gym owner who had donated $4,100 to the GOP senator’s uphill 2006 re-election fight, “concluded that, given his political commitments, a sale of his interest in the 12th Street Gym made sense.”

Rick Piper, the president of the health club, said he has bought out Guzzardi’s interest and is now the gym’s CEO.

The news didn’t stop a small group of a dozen protesters from going ahead with a planned gathering last night outside the gym, in an area of Center City where a number of businesses cater to gays and lesbians.

Our flight takes off in the late AM tomorrow. We were graced with perfect weather on this trip and we have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Philly; all the locals we have encountered along the way have been so friendly and accommodating, and we will definitely return.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding