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Imperial Reckoning


I don’t want to draw conclusions that are too broad based on too little information, but there does seem to be a day of reckoning on the horizon.  Between Harry Taylor’s questions put to George Bush, Stephen Colbert’s appearance before the White House Press Corps and now Ray McGovern’s public accusations against Donald Rumsfeld ….the simmering public feelings of frustration do seem to be bubbling up and directly confronting those responsible for the current sad state of affairs even within their tightly controlled, canned public appearances.

Marc Lord had an interesting comment last night regarding a confrontational interview with Sully of Godsmack, who hadn’t given much thought to selling his songs to be used in military recruitment much past the big checks the band would collect: 

Step 3 in progression to outright revolution is granting or withholding support of a regime. The foremost expression of that development is that the grantors and withholders start duking it out publicly. The withholders start to shame their fellows who are complicit in supporting the regime and make it clear that they will be publicly humiliated, followed by progressively worse fates.

Noam Chomsky addressed West Point on April 21st. Steven Colbert openly mocked the preznit the next weekend. This interview, small case in point. This is the humiliation phase. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve, and remember thy oaths.

It is an interesting theory.

And on that note, I’d like to give a personal shout out to Fred Hiatt, Len Downie and all my good friends at the Washington Post. 

UPDATE:  Speaking of imperial accountability, there’s a resolution in the House to state that Congress must authorize any action against Iran in advance. Roots Project member "zannie" from Washington State has a great diary up now at kos on this subject.  Please have a look and consider recommending it. Ask your representative to cosponsor the resolution.  This is what it means to take back our country. — Pachacutec

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