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Gannon went the distance

[UPDATE: Corrente has a really good blow-by-blow account. ]

Mike Rogers called me late last night to say that Gannon finally came out of the closet, directly answering a question from Mike during the Equality Forum panel about whether the $200/hr rent boy was gay or not. That was the only bit of news, since he dodged the questions about plagiarism, and admitted to being at the White House overnight only once — during election night (har-dee-har-har).

Mike will probably have the first-hand, blow-by-blow (pun intended) soon. Spindentist at All Spin Zone has a post up on the event — he attended.

About 70 people showed up for the panel, btw, not a big crowd, and they laughed heartily at Mike’s skewering; it didn’t get out of control.

As I said, you’ll probably catch more at BlogActive and PageOneQ for the nitty gritty. John Byrne from Raw Story was also there, as was David Grossman of Politics TV, so there should be good reporting on what happened that you can link to.

The winner of the House Blend T-shirt…drumroll… is: Paul in SF!

Paul was one of several who guessed that JG/JG would make it, so I wrote all of those names down and Kate pulled the winning Blender name out of a bag.

Email me with your snail mail addy, Paul, so I can order it up for you.

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