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Brownback, homobigot pastors urge support for Marriage Protection Amendment

The major bleating to drum up fear of the homo boogeyman has begun, since there’s a good chance that the federal marriage amendment will fail in the Senate — it takes two-thirds of the body to pass it and the votes are currently not there. Look at this drivel. (AgapePress):

Kansas Republican Senator Sam Brownback says the federal marriage amendment will finally see action within a matter of days. “We will have it up probably coming to the full Judiciary Committee in two weeks,” he says. “It will probably pass on a strict party line vote, defining marriage as a union of a man and a woman.”

…”I would urge people to contact their senators, particularly Democratic senators, and urge them to support the definition of marriage by the United States Congress as a man and a woman,” the Kansas lawmaker says, adding that he sees that as the only way the amendment will have enough votes to pass.

And yes, the black and Latino wingnuts are bedding down with the AmTaliban on this, no surprise. And look at the unhinged justification for passing such an amendment:

Meanwhile, about 100 African-American and Latino pastors and religious leaders from around the country met in suburban Washington on Wednesday (May 3) to learn what they can do to work for passage of the federal marriage amendment scheduled to be introduced next month in the Senate. The gathering was hosted by Bishop Harry Jackson, senior pastor of Hope Christian Church, in Lanham, Maryland. [Earlier posts on this turd are here.]

Jackson, who is also the founder of the High Impact Leadership Coalition, tells Associated Press that a marriage amendment is needed to cover holes in existing law. “There is a superseding amendment needed because of the things that may happen if a person tries to take a marriage license from Massachusetts and then go and get all the benefits of marriage in the state of Maryland, for example,” he says.

Rev. Jackson says the Church has always had a role in the formation of marriage laws, and that contrary to what the press might report, the marriage amendment is not anti-“gay.”

“There is a Judeo-Christian basis for all of our laws in America, and marriage came from the Church — in a sense — to the secular society,” he explains. “We believe that marriage is a sacred right, not a civil right, and that there are ways that we can make sure that the civil rights of gays are taken care of. “We don’t have anything against gay people. This is for the protection of marriage, and we think a national ‘umbrella’ is necessary.”

He has nothing against gay people. Right. Is he stupid? Has he no idea what civil marriage is?

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