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A few Philly photos

Sorry, just getting these up now…

Blender and blogger Jay Lassiter of Lassiter Space took us to breakfast yesteday at Reading Terminal Market, which is full of places to enjoy the offerings of local vendors. We went to The Dutch Eating Place, an Amish-run restaurant. Jay recommends the blueberry pancakes and Kate took him up on it. Kate says “served with real butter…mmm.”

Kate found a giant clothespin statue in front of an office building on Market St. (left); the College of Physicians, which is the location of the Mutter Museum. We viewed all of the medical oddities, including many jars of deformed, pickled fetuses, conjoined twins, and plenty of the medical fallout from nasty lesions, contagions and other matters that might cause folks with mild constitutions to hurl. We enjoyed it.

One view of the huge and beautiful City Hall building. Spindentist told us the other night that the statue of William Penn atop the building is holding a document that, when viewed from one particular angle, looks like he has a boner greeting you. We’ll try for that shot on Thurs.

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Pam Spaulding

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