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Last night, Spindentist of All Spin Zone provided Kate and me with a short, interesting walking tour of a slice of Center City (many thanks!) on our way to Drinking Liberally which is held on Tuesdays at Tangier Cafe (located at 18th and Lombard).

Kate and I had a great time meeting bloggers and political junkies, including the good local folks on the ASZ roster, BooMan of Booman Tribune and Jim of Rittenhouse Review. And, I finally met the blogger of the mighty visitor count, Atrios:

Just to give you a sense of perspective, Eschaton receives about 140K unique visitors a day to his pad, the Blend: 5.5K, as of yesterday. But those five thousand daily Blenders are all special… 🙂

Duncan and I talked about the panel debacle and roared heartily about how Equality Forum has no idea what it is in for now that Mike Rogers is stepping in to do a “correction” on the Gannon situation.

There was a sizable crowd at DL, some who knew about the Blend (that still surprises me for some reason). We later met up with SpinD’s witty spouse and they took us out to dinner and great conversation (lots of talk about man-on-dog Santorum) at The Nodding Head.


This AM we’re supposed to meet up with Jay of Lassiter Space for brunch, and then Kate and I will get out and about and take photos around town. I’ll post a few later.

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