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Actually, embezzling at this level just to get your rocks off really falls into the Boggles the Mind category. (CNN):

An executive at a heart disease charitable foundation who embezzled close to a quarter of a million dollars over two years to pay a dominatrix to beat him was sentenced Tuesday to two to six years in prison.

Abraham Alexander, an accounts payable executive at the Manhattan Cardiovascular Research Foundation, admitted to stealing $237,162 and spending most of it on services provided by a Columbus, Ohio-based dominatrix called Lady Sage.

…Lady Sage’s Web site features dozens of photographs of the stern, unsmiling dominatrix carrying a whip. She is seen in some pictures wearing a feathered boa over leather or with a metal-studded thong bikini in high-heeled boots.

She lists her services at $250 for the first hour and $200 for each additional hour. An eight-hour session costs $1,500 and 12 hours runs clients $2,000. Lady Sage also commands $1,000 a day in travel expenses if she has to beat a customer on his own turf.

Good grief. She’s raking it in — supply and demand, folks; we’re in the wrong business.

Alexander also spent a healthy amount of his foundation’s dough — meant for heart disease research — on plane tix between New York and Ohio, rental cars and some nicities purchased at Wicked Naughty Accessories, Leather Creations and Victoria’s Secret.

He pleaded guilty, avoiding a trial where he faced up to 15 years in the clink.

Hat tip, Holly.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding