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Enough With The Note

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Every Wednesday The Note publishes that Fitzgerald’s grand jury is scheduled to meet in Washington DC at 9:30 that day and everyone jumps on it like my dogs on bacon.

This morning:

The grand jury investigating the CIA leak may meet this morning at the federal courthouse in Washington, DC.

It means that the room is scheduled in case there is any need to call them.  As it is every Wednesday.  As Christy has noted many times, this is a regular grand jury, not a special grand jury and even if they do meet it may not have to do with the CIA leak investigation — any federal prosecutors in the DC Circuit can use them.

Yet every week, people link to this like it’s some big break in the case.  Well one day they might be proven right, one day it just MAY turn out to be the day that they indict someone.  Which puts a whole lot of hoopla in play over something that may turn out to be nothing more than a stopped clock that is sure to be right twice a day. 

(BTW Christy’s superb analysis of the latest Libby filing was heavily excerpted in Editor & Publisher today, and deservedly so.) 

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