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Off to Philly – open thread

I’ll have the laptop, so eventually I’ll be back online to check in.

Link and blogwhore away…


4PM: What a landing. The pilot must have been on something because as he approached Philly, we banked left and right incessantly, practically making everyone airsick.

The weather is perfect for taking in the city, light cloud cover, in 60s-70s.

We’re checked in and grabbed a snack (the Courtyard by Marriott is quite nice, btw). Spindentist of All Spin Zone will be picking us up at 5 and taking us on a little walking tour of downtown as we head over to Drinking Liberally.

While here we plan to hit the Mutter Museum (we’re geeks, ok?) and the Wyeth exhibit at the Philly Art Museum.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding