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Guess who's taking my place on the 'Gannon' panel?

Mike Rogers of BlogACTIVE. He’s looking for question suggestions, btw.

Some of you may have heard that Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend has decided not to participate in the Equality Forum’s panel on media this Wednesday in Philadelphia. I have a great deal of respect for Pam and have followed her blog since the inception of blogACTIVE.

My reasons for attending this panel are consistent with Pam’s great arguments for not doing so.

I hope the Equality Forum and Annenberg folks are ready for that wrestling match. It’s really what they wanted, but didn’t want to admit it — the told us that Gannongate wasn’t the focus so that they could keep their hands clean. It blew up in their faces when they were caught being, well, less than truthful to John and me — and really crapping on John publicly.

My take on this? I think Mike’s position as an ace flamethrower fits the bill for this panel at this point, given the way they’ve handled things. Perhaps he can salvage the event, hopefully for the community — not EF/Annenberg, whose behind-the-scenes and public machinations have been unfortunate regarding an event that purports to discuss ethics.

Mike will give the audience what it wants, humiliating the $200/hr rent-boy who the organizers have deemed a “journalist” and a “blogger” with standing in the LGBT community. Argh, it smarts to even type that when referring to JG/JG.

How long do you expect JG/JG to last on the panel (if he shows)?

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* Why I won’t be on the panel in Philly

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