Does it offend you as a blogger?
No, it offends me as someone with a sense of humor.

Comedy gold

If I was going to ask for insight on say, hip-hop, I wouldn’t turn to Roger L. Simon themanwhocreatedmoseswine. If I wanted to know what it was like to play in the NBA, I wouldn’t ask Mickey Kaus. So why would someone ask Ann Althouse, of all people, to comment on the comedy stylings of Stephen Colbert’s performance?

I’m waiting for the call to go on Open Source Radio and talk about Stephen Colbert. I hope Steve’s listening!

I’m checking out various websites, trying to get a read on opinion. Are righties slamming him and lefties exulting? Sorry, I’m in the middle on this one. I like the Colbert character, but think it works better in his studio, which symbolizes his cocoon and his self-love. Surrounded by others, he can’t really play such a pompous and insular character. It seems desperate, and we worry about him, standing so close to people who must be quite intimidating. It’s damned hard to be that good of an actor, but he did pretty well, and it took a lot of nerve.

I’m on around 7:20 Eastern, after Helen Thomas and Noam Scheiber, and along with Michael Scherer of Salon.

But first up is Jay Rosen of PressThink. He was at the event. His theory is that people weren’t laughing because the subject of the routine was the administration’s disregard for evidence. I can’t see why that makes it unfunny. I wonder if Rosen watches “The Colbert Report,” since he pronounces the “t” at the end of his name a couple times.

Honestly, having read some of Althouse’s takes on modern popular culture (and please do read her American Idol update) shouldn’t she consider starting with Gallagher whacking a watermelon (“Why this violence against a watermelon? Is this part of the veiled racism of the left?“) and work her way up?

And am I the only one who got a creepy Peggy Noonanesque vibe from the above passage?

I honestly think that Ann Althouse is a very nice person and a very smart woman, but she wouldn’t know comedy if it smacked in her in the face with a pie…which she would somehow find vaguely sexist.

(Thanks to quxxo for the link)

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