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The Tool better watch his back

The Minutemen have their own candidate for 2008 in mind if John McCain decides to run. (WND):

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, is considering a run for president in 2008 representing the Constitution Party.

…Chairman James Clymer told WorldNetDaily the party was excited about the possibility of Gilchrist as its marquis candidate.

“Yes, indeed, we are interested,” Clymer said. “Gilchrist spoke to us last weekend in Tampa and our people asked Jim then if he would be the candidate. We think it would be wonderful if Jim Gilchrist would seriously consider being our presidential candidate.”

Gilchrist told WND the only candidate he would support as the Republican Party presidential nominee in 2008 was Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. [Oh geez, that should tell you something — Tancredo’s a moron.]

“If John McCain enters the race for president,” Gilchrist said. “I will definitely run. John McCain should have forfeited his right to run for president on the Republican Party the moment he put his name on immigration legislation with Sen. Ted Kennedy.”

So what do the devotees of WingNutDaily have to say about a Jim Gilchrist candidacy?

Wingnut Daily Poll:

Also: Ex-Gay Watch‘s Mike Airhart posted back in Feb that Peter LaBarbera’s Illinois Family Institute is promoting the Constitution Party’s 2006 convention in that state. Petey has considered jumping ship to vote on that party line.

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