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Rosie's The View contract: no haircuts

What I’m guessing is that ABC really means “no dykey haircuts on The View, Ms. O’Donnell.” (Faux News):

Rosie O’Donnell’s new mega contract with ABC has one absolute proviso: the former talk show queen cannot cut her hair.

This is a no-no for The View.

You may recall there was an uproar toward the end of Rosie’s run as a syndicated talk show host because she chopped off her locks to emulate Culture Club songstress Helen Terry.

…ABC apparently wants Rosie to look as glamorous as possible when she sits down on “The View” among Joy Behar, Star Jones, and Debbie Hasselbeck.

It makes you wonder what else is in that contract about what Rosie can and cannot say or do.

Hat tip to Blender Katie F.

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Pam Spaulding