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“On the days that I have disagreements with people like (evangelist) Jerry Falwell, I’m reminded that I disagree more with (House Democratic leader) Nancy Pelosi on a hundred different issues.”

— Patrick Guerriero, president of Log Cabin Republicans

Fine, Patrick, only the AmTaliban is still in control of your party, and the bible beaters don’t like the homos. This story in The State, Gay Republicans warming to Bush, shows that the LCRs are incapable of hearing the message coming from The Base. What can you say when you read this:

The Log Cabin Republicans were pleased that the White House, after the 2004 election, immediately pivoted to issues more to their liking, such as cutting taxes and reforming Social Security.

And while those issues have lost political steam with the unease over the war in Iraq and the president’s declining popularity, the Log Cabin Republicans see other positive developments, most notably the proposed 2007 budget that includes some $70 million in new money for HIV/AIDS.

“The healing progress has begun,” Guerriero said. “There’s a new engagement (with the White House) on a broad range of issues.”

Has he been aware of the spinning and continual arousal of the wingers over the Marriage Protection Amendment, the varoius assaults on the ability of gays and lesbians to adopt and foster, never mind the GOP’s support of state marriage amendments across the country?

What about all the fealty to the fire-breathing, pious thugs on the White House bat phone, such as Don Wildmon, James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Lou Shelton, and Gary Bauer?

This is just sad.

Hat tip, PageOneQ

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