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Damnation and a prayer from Bill Keller

On Sunday, I blogged about Bill Keller, the insider trading ex-con, preacher, and “the Next Big Thing in mass-media religion,” according to Weekly Planet magazine.

From my post highlighting Bill homo-fixation:

“That’s the biggest hot-button issue, the one that causes the most outrage,” Keller says. “Listen, sin is sin. There’s no way you can justify homosexuality from a biblical perspective. No sin is greater than others. When someone commits adultery, they’re ashamed of what they’ve done. The person who commits an act of homosexuality, there’s pride there. They put the sin of homosexuality in parades.”

It didn’t take long, but it appears that WingNutDaily’s ‘Dr. Phil’ of prayer, reads the Blend and had some holy feedback for me that landed in my inbox a little bit ago.

I thought I’d share the the Florida Talibangelist’s missive (for entertainment purposes only, of course).

Subject: from Bill Keller
From: "Bill Keller"
Date: Mon, May 1, 2006 12:51 pm
To: Pam Spaulding

...LOL..I'm always amazed at the vast amount of God-haters that I upset by simply sharing the love of Christ with the hurting and lost..the reality is day you will die..that day sooner than you expect..and at that moment..there will only be one thing that you know Jesus as your personal Savior by faith..that choice alone will determine your eternal existence..I understand poor lost souls like you lash out to justify your own rejecting of Christ ...out of your insecurity..and deep rooted fear you are wrong..which by the way you least now..when you die..and stand before God..and are cast into everlasting won't be able to say you didn't know..there is still time Pam..I did my is your soul..

..btw..if you helped 1 /100 of the people in your life my ministry does in an given would not be so bitter and hateful...I will pray for you..

You will be in my prayers, be richly blessed,
Bill Keller

Besides the inability to finish a sentence (and indecision over whether an ellipsis has two or three periods), Bill could take a lesson or two from Peter LaBarbera. Now that’s entertainment.

About that richly blessed matter — is that with or without the mink coat, Bill?

After a few months of legal scrums, the SEC referred the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for criminal charges. Keller remembers the scene well: It was chilly in Chicago on Oct. 12, 1989. His lawyer had told him to be at the U.S. Attorney’s office for a meeting. Keller was running late, so he had his limo driver pull up on the sidewalk in front of the federal building. He emerged from the back seat, draped in a mink coat, 45 minutes late.

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