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Daddy Dobson on Hannity and Colmes

That’s what Daddy’s web site says, and he’s asking for you to drop on your knees for him (and his wife, since she’ll be on the program with him). It airs at 9PM tonight on Faux News.

Please pray that the Lord will provide Dr. and Mrs. Dobson with wisdom as they discuss the National Day of Prayer, the Marriage Protection Act, and other issues related to the nurturing and defense of the family.

Dr. and Mrs. Dobson will also participate in many National Day of Prayer events throughout the week. Please pray for strength and health and that millions of people across the country will join them in prayer as they lift America before the Lord in supplication and repentance.

If you click over to Daddy Dobson’s site, you can also read the latest anti-gay screed about adoption.

A new Syracuse University survey has found that two-thirds of lesbians and a third of homosexual men in the U.S. plan to adopt — a significant increase from four years ago, and the impact of which could be devastating.

Dawn Stefanowicz knows that devastation firsthand. She grew up in a household headed by two homosexuals.

“There was a tremendous impact on my gender identity, my sexual feelings and my value towards specific gender roles,” she told Family News in Focus, adding that gay couples often have an ulterior motive in adding children to their household.

“Children right now are being used,” she said, “to advance a political agenda that will create for the children, I believe, a great deal of harm.”

…Caleb Price, a social research analyst for Focus on the Family, said the trend toward legalizing homosexual adoption without regard for the potential effects on children parallels the no-fault divorce experiment of the ’70s.

“All the experts told us that there would be no consequences, that it was harmless on consequences,” he said. “And now we see, two generations later, that the impact on their lives has been dramatic and tragic.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding