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NotAssrocket#1 introduces us to new blogger Professor Stanley Renshon who is a “political scientist and psychoanalyst by training” currently plying his trade as “coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Program in the Psychology of Social and Political behavior” at CUNY. Professor Stanley is going to explain to us the deep dark underpinnings of why ” Stephen Colbert bombed at the Washington press dinner on Saturday“:

Being Rude to the President and his Wife is no Joke

In a venue historically given to gentle humor at the expense of political figures of all parties, Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert delivered a “blistering tribute” at the White House Correspondent’s dinner that President Bush and his wife attended. It was certainly no “tribute” and definitely no joke.

Instead, the Bush material was egregiously harsh, partisan, and tasteless.

It is a testament to Mr. Colbert’s lack of perspective that he could even consider making such remarks. It is also a testament to the view, that he apparently shares, that when it comes to Mr. Bush, no level of crass rudeness is inappropriate.

He owes the President and Mrs. Bush an apology.

What? You were expecting maybe Freud and instead you got Letitia Baldrige

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