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Monday will tell the tale

Below is one of many businesses that will have to shut down — in both large cities and small towns — when undocumented workers and supporters walk out in the Day Without Immigrants on Monday. From the Waterloo Cedar-Falls Courier in Iowa:

A day without immigrants at the Tyson Foods plant means a day without meat.

…Tyson announced nine of its plants will close temporarily Monday, and while company officials declined to name which plants would close, several sources, including Tyson employees, said the plant would be closed Monday.

Chris Kromm over at Facing South asks a pertinent question — where is the progressive blogosphere on this massive upcoming event? The prospect of so many workers not showing up has so shaken corporate America that companies are actually endorsing shut downs and are sympathetic to the worker action. The California legislature has actually endorsed the boycott.

There seems to be no problem finding right-wing blogs chattering about the issue. Chris:

Most of the country — especially power brokers who know how critical the immigration debate is to the country — are standing up and taking notice.

But where is the progressive blogosphere? A quick Technorati search shows that lots of blogs are commenting on May 1 — but by my quick estimate, over 90% of them are conservatives in a frenzy of anger over the looming activities (some even declaring May 1 is Conservative Shopping Day).

…What’s going on? Why is the progressive blogosphere so completely out of touch? Is it because most of them closely identify with partisan politics, and the Democratic Party doesn’t have a very clear position on the immigration issue? Is it due to a racial blindspot in the blogosphere, connected to its demographic make-up (and yes, I know Markos at DKos hails from El Salvador; I’m talking about the larger reality)? Do they not understand the historic nature of this movement?

And Chris is right. The hand-wringing about the impact of this boycott is hitting home and, as I’ve said before, both the left and the right really don’t know what to do about the immigration issue. It’s a no-win situation politically, because both sides know some large group of people will pissed off no matter what compromises are made to try to address a situation that everyone has chosen to ignore.

A surf over to Freeperland illustrates the reality. One, located in California posted a situation he’s dealing with at his business. You can smell the fear…

Phone call I recieved a few minutes ago. Our Plaza Housekeepers are not coming in on Monday. (It begins)

I just recieved a phone call from one of our employee’s Daughter. She called to tell me that Maria and Jose will not be coming in to work on Monday.

I asked why, of course, and she said they would be joining the protests. My response was “This is the wrong way, I like your family, and we’ve been as much freinds as co-workers, but this is going to change all that. It’s the wrong way, and I don’t think you know some of the really bad players involved in the planning of this. They have no interest in helping legal, or for that matter, illegal Mexicans”

I like and treat with respect all of our employees, but I told her, “I’ve just lost some of that respect” they’ve had all week to tell us, in fact we’ve been asking them if anyone planned to do this thing or not. I am personnally offended. For what they do, and the fact that they’ve been so reliable over the past two years, I have seen to it that they get an average pay of $11.00 and hour. (The highest rate on the Monterey Penninsula)

His daugher said that they HAD to do this protest, (I’m wondering about this statement, perhaps they’re being threatened?)to show that they “matter”. My response was, if you “didn’t matter, We would be paying you $7.75 instead, but we’ve always taken care of each other, and this is our thanks”

She then implied that they wouldn’t be able to get to work anyway due to “Rte 1 being blocked.”

I am calling the Highway patrol to let them know.

Before you say “Fire them” Know that everyone involved has already given two weeks notice over this past week. We’re already looking for replacements. Furthermore, don’t misunderstand. These are not (supposedly)illegal alliens. They have I551 cards and verified SSA cards.

I’m beginning to think something is not above boards.

They had both already given notice in the past week, and will be leaving for Mexico by mid-month.

I sometimes read here that the Emplouyers should be punsihed for hiring these folks, but I really wonder. How many fake documents are there floating around. And, how many employers only “think” they have legal employees?

Anyway, I called her back to say, we’ll get by just fine without them. (It will be quite a chore, but we can do it)

Is anyone else getting these calls?

And the responses:

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

Jose can you seeeeee …A pink slip?

Speaking as a Canadian, if you don’t fire them you are just a gutless piece of wormdust.

They’ve already quit. And they’ve called and given a two day notice of taking the day off. According to our company policy I CANNOT fire them, unless we’d like to hand over our company to them, with the blessing of the court. This is California. If there are any CA,NV,AZ,TX folks on here, I would have to say, they may understand this a little better. We are literally at the pointy end of the spear, and we live it every day.

Well, if an employer can produce a paper trail of a bona fide effort made to check their legal status, then it would be difficult to find a convicting jury.

2 weeks notice, my rear-end. Tell them not to bother coming back on the 2nd, and that you’re informing the INS.

Interesting post. This invasion is better organized than people know. It even has tentacles in rural towns. Wonder who the Godfather is? He and those like him will be cracking a lot of whips over our heads in years to come.

if they are like law enforcement here don’t bother calling they wont do anything. We have been given notice our city streets will be blocked by students marching to protest in front of our republican congressman’s office.

I called the police to ask if they will enforce the truant and loitering laws which are meant to keep the kids and gangs off the street when if they ditch school, , but was told that the kids in our city will be in school on Monday, which is really a joke if i was supposed to believe that,

i mentioned that the city has been failing on investigating vandalism and graffiti, and that we know the gangs doing it are the children of illegal immigrants. After mentioning the term illegal immigrant , the police dispatcher said the call was over and hung up!

however i called my congressman and was told the city had alerted him, so law enforcement knows whats going on, but they ain’t going to alert the public , or do anything, even if illegal acts are being committed.

Not sure if this is a state or Federal policy for the police to remain hush, but it wouldn’t surprise us here.

I think that these shenanigans will backfire. Like the old saying goes, “this ain’t gonna play well in Peoria”.

I think he posted this because of the evidence of coordination (Rte 1 will be closed) and the air of intimidation (they HAD to go.)

Any employer who claims to be honest, knows damned well they can go to the SS Web Site and confirm any Employee’s legal status to be using their SS number.

Well, many commie groups have claimed to be in support of or involved in the organisation of this action. Folks forget that the commies remain a threat to the Federal Republic.

Commies and mafia-esque organizers and coordinators. Chiefly what I suspect and fear is more fascistic than Marxist–little dictators dealing in power swaps and corruption.

My concern is that this seems much more coordinated than one would expect. One of these people/protesters is about 60 yrs old, and in no way an activist of any kind. I’m a little shocked that they would even bother with such things.

Fear and intimidation are in the air and the California State Senate is walking out in sympathy…with the illegals. Meantime the US Senate is lurking in the shadows trying to run the clock out. Funny how they were just grandstanding on the Dubai deal, showing how “tough” they were on national security. It’s going to be a long hot summere folks.

It is going to be real hard to get a clean hotel/motel room in the West come Monday.

Fire them and hire Americans…of any race.

I’ve given up on the Senate doing anything but granting amnesty. We have to let the House know we loved HR4437 and for them to stand firm. They are our only hope and they are the ones being blamed by the WH, the Senate, and the 3rd world mobs in the streets. They are our only hope.

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