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Dear Leader's prep plan for the upcoming hurricane season

Hat tip to Ms. Julien, who passed along our preznit’s readiness plan as the storm season approaches. After being told that FEMA needs to be abolished because it’s too broken to fix, this was his reaction:

President Bush on Friday rejected the idea of killing FEMA.

“The lessons of Katrina are important,” Bush said. “We’ve learned a lot here at the federal level. We’re much more ready this time than we were the last time.”

Let’s, first of all, pray there’s no hurricanes,” Bush said. “That would be, like, step one.”

This man is mentally ill. The hurricane season is barreling down upon us and everyone knows the federal government is not ready.

Only a few of the 211 suggested improvements from three federal reports will be ready when the hurricane season starts June 1, and limited dollars and political squabbling already are complicating the progress.

“Nature doesn’t care about reports,” said Kathleen Tierney, director of the Natural Hazards Center at the University of Colorado. “Nor does it care about the fact there are people still suffering, and we’re not ready.

My suggestion — in support of Dear Leader’s Plan — is tha he better get Falwell, Dobson, Bauer and all his other peeps on the heaven hotline in action pronto. And he must marshall all his flunkies on the payroll over at the newly established Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives at the Department of Homeland Security.

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