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Booman points us to the new AdNags article on Schumer and Emanuel in the NYT.  Echoing what we were talking about in the earlier discussion of Crashing the Gate (which was truly amazing by the way, and anyone who hasn’t seen it should definitely have a look), the consultant problem that exists within the Democratic party is compounded by the efforts of both the DSCC and the DCCC.  Says Schumer:

"In the past, if you were a big shot in the Democratic caucus, you got a couple of million bucks," he said. "No more."

He went on, as he sought to assure his audience that their checks would not be squandered, to recount the strict conditions he set with senators and candidates alike.

"We’ll give you money, but you have to hire a campaign manager, a finance director and a communications director who we approve," Mr. Schumer said. "They have to toe the line."

And of whom does the DSCC approve?  There’s a wonderful  description in Crashing the Gate of what happened when Brad Carson, running for the Senate in Oklahoma, was pressured by the DSCC not to hire Steve Eichenbaum, (who had served as Feingold’s media consultant for the 1992 “miracle campaign”):

Feingold “ran against Democratic people that were pretty well entrenched in the party and the primary,” recalls Eichenbaum. “One of them spent $3.1 million; the other one spent $4 million. We spent $220,000 and we got 70 percent of the vote. And those two other guys were so badly embarrassed and angry at us that the state Democratic party people just locked him out.

You would think that scoring such an incredible upset would’ve been a rocket trip to the stars for the campaign consultants. But not for Eichenbaum. He serves most corporate clients and continues to do local political work and did Feingold’s subsequent campaigns in 1998 and 2004, but any efforts to hire him got blocked by the Democratic establishment in DC. Eichenbaum is not part of the DC consultant cocktail-party circuit. He’s not one of them.

And then there’s this wonderful quote:

"When the far-left wing of the Democratic Party runs the party, we lose," Mr. Schumer said at one fund-raiser.

As BooMan notes, would anyone like to point out when the "far left-wing" ran the Democratic party?  

I am overflowing with confidence. 

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