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Ken-bot addresses National Conference of Black Mayors

“As Chairman of the Republican Party, I’m honored by the opportunity to speak to the National Conference of Black Mayors,” Chairman Mehlman said. “By working together toward our shared goals of ending discrimination, closing the wealth and educational achievement gaps, and making the American Dream accessible to all Americans, the party of Lincoln and the African American community can restore our historic ties.”

Can you believe the National Conference of Black Mayors actually asked Ken Mehlman to speak? Oh, never mind. Actually, this is the first time an RNC chair has addressed the group and it’s part of the GOP outreach to shave off votes here and there from the community.

The sad truth is that the GOP can always count on finding some support in the community, even after Katrina. Look at the Delusional Bush/Mehlman Self-Loathing NegroTM, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, the fools at Project 21, or folks like the discredited, former columnist-on-the-govt-payroll Armstrong Williams, and of course, many of the black pastors you’ve read about here on the Blend, who fixate on homosexuality and find common ground with the fundies that make up the GOP Base.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding