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Indiana bishop gets the vapors over 'The Vagina Monologues' at Notre Dame

Ever since Notre Dame announced it would host the performance of The Vagina Monologues on campus (as it has for the last five years) as well as a gay and lesbian film festival, the knickers have been twisting in the pants of pious bible beaters, including the unhinged folks at AgapePress. Now an Indiana bishop is moaning about it. (AP):

Bishop John D’Arcy, in a nine-page “pastoral response” issued Thursday, faulted the Rev. John I. Jenkins’ choice and his reasoning for allowing the play.

…Jenkins announced April 5 that the school will allow the play and other events that may go against Roman Catholic teachings on campus because universities should be places where debate is promoted. The play has been staged at the school in February in recent years.

The announcement came 10 weeks after Jenkins, who took over as president on July 1, said he wanted a campuswide discussion on whether the play, an annual gay film festival and other events some might view as objectionable should be allowed.

…When Jenkins announced he would allow the events, D’Arcy said he was “deeply saddened.” In Thursday’s retort, which also appears in the April 30 issue of Today’s Catholic, D’Arcy said he could not fully respond at the time because he was preparing for Holy Week.

D’Arcy said Jenkins’ decision fails to give room to the “great truths of the faith.”

“The teaching of the church on sexuality, on academic freedom, on the relationship between a man and a woman and on the human body is hardly mentioned, except to admit that the play stands apart from, and is even opposed to, Catholic teaching,” he wrote.

My question — what happened the last five times this event occurred? Has the level of wingnuttery in the culture reached a level that church officials feel more comfortable bleating away, or has Bishop John D’Arcy always felt a need to be concerned about the sexuality of women on each time this event rolls around?

Interestingly, this one paragraph in the AP article would never pass muster over at Wildmon’s screeching “news” organ, AgapePress, where they cannot peck out v-a-g-i-n-a on their keyboards:

“The Vagina Monologues,” written by Eve Ensler, is based on discussions with 200 girls and women and includes graphic descriptions of women’s anatomy, homosexuality and orgasms.

After the pious editors scanned the copy, it would probably read more like this:

“The V_ Monologues,” written by Eve Ensler, is based on discussions with 200 girls and women and includes graphic descriptions of women’s a_, h_ and o_.

* V is for Vagina

Hat tip, Holly.

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